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Free gp

What happens when I put in my username and password?

I will give a certain amount of gp to you. If you are level 3-25, I will give you 2k to start out with. If you are level 26-85, add four 0's at the end and thats how much I'll give you. (Level 40=400,000gp; level 50=500,000gp; etc.) The higher the level you are it is more likely you have been scammed more. The reason I won't give levels 86+ is because chances are they are probably rich and don't need any more gp.


Why will I only get 2k if I'm level 3-25?

I really shouldn't be giving you any money at all because the main reason for this site was to help out people that have been scammed. Chances are you haven't been scammed. Also this site was made to help out newbies and 2k is a lot to a newb.


Why don't we just trade in Runescape?

If I keep on trading massive amounts of gp to different people and in return they give me nothing, Jagex will know I found a bug and ban me for bug abusing. I know, all I'm trying to do is help people that got scammed, but Jagex won't understand that.


How do you go by how much gp I get?

I go by every time you get scammed I will give you 100,000gp. Most people get scammed around once per 10 levels. Exception: If you are a level 3-25 I will only give you 2,000gp because chances are your most valuable item is black or mith and it probably hasn't been scammed yet.


I don't trust you, you are going to take my account.

If you don't want to trust me then that's fine.