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On this page is a story I will be writing, a story that may at times become deleted. It will be a great story, but I will keep it very clean. I hope you enjoy this story.

Chapter I

Have you ever heard the story of Mortus Prime", the old man asked that day long ago, "Of how Naezer and all of his cronnies came and devastated that land not so disant from Prime. How Naezer, unlike most evil tyrants, did not take command by subversive undertakings, but by the sheer genious only a few before him ever possesed, a genious turned evil by the hatred in his heart, so evil it was nearly then end of everything...

"Yeah Gramps", little Jamie whines to his grandpa, " we've heard that one at least a thousand times." His older sister, having to get in on the complaint, adds, "Yeah, tell us a new story, not that old thing." "Okay, okay..." The old man sighed, "Here is the story of a guy who didn't quite understand the meaning of what he was doing!"

Quickly occupied with story, the time started to slip away before him. Once upon a rock a man sat... And he wondered to himself, "What is the meaning of why I am here???" (Note: three question marks means he is quite confused, not to be confused with slightly confused, or moderately confused.) He, feeling quite perturbed as to not knowing the answer, turned to a fox chaseing itself around his rock and repeated his question. This time outloud of course. The fox, realizing there was indeed somebody and not just something on the rock he was circling, ignored the question completely and dissapeared to find a more secluded stone. Now this greatly confused the man as he had never not been answered. (Speaking to oneself generally resulted in an answer, or so he thought.)

After about an hour of sitting on the stone pondering, he got up to see if he could find the answer he didn't think he'd really lost in the first place. This descision was also prompted by the growing desire to fix the growling his uncontrollable stomach started making. Since the afor mentioned fox had ignored, he decide to try his search in a different direction, and soon forgot the fox altogether.