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DATE: 03/07/2006
AUTHOR: Mike Podgorski

What follows is my first foray into comic-smithing. It's rather shoddy and whatnot, but hopefully you'll  enjoy it, or at least read it. A word of warning: it's not pretty. There's also commentary on the bits and pieces, if you're into that sort of thing. If you're coming here from the Green Circle site, then here's some things to note: first appearances of Mike P, Pikapunk, the Resort, and the Stadium. Also, keep in mind that the event that started off the new AOMP sequences changes several things about these events, but the basic gist of them are still applicable. Once the Retro AOMP segments are completed, the changes will be catalogued and done up in a nice prose format. For now, they'll be listed after the individual segments are completed in the "Extras and Whatnot" section. Enjoy.

As you can see, AOMP was originally not AOMP, but an extension of Jay Resop's Neglected Characters page. However, as far as I can tell, it's only canon for the AOMP continuity. Go to the Neglected Characters site for what's gone on previous to this comic. The short of it is the note above. Also, this was supposed to be a script, but I couldn't resist putting it to pictures. Lucky you, eh?

The entire first episode is done in six panels, but I thought this was long. I'll save you the trouble of reading my little blurbs I wrote before the comics. One quick thing to note about this first episode is that Bob and Joe's names have been switched. Bob is the one with the little mustache, and Joe is the one who looks like... Osama Bin Laden... oh my. That's completely unintentional.

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There's very little to say about this segment, though that is a simply horrible looking plane. Ah, wait, the green fellow is Fred the Spanyard, the little guy on the carpet is Bill the Extra Guy, and the man with a raccoon tail is Mario.

Jay Resop portrayed Mario as a dolt. I followed suit, considering how this was supposed to be part of his little universe (it has ceased to be.) Also, I stopped using the end cards after "Bill and Fred's Nonexcellent Adventure".

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I can't believe the horrible job I did of making sure the words were in the balloons. My god.

Retro AOMPs can be recognized by any of the following characteristics:
-Sprites, or more applicable for the first several installments, "wanna-be" sprites.
-Use of stock shapes from Microsoft Word (they were made on Microsoft Publisher) as effects
-Word balloons arranged all willy-nilly
-Crappy backgrounds
-Unimaginative dialogue font

Most of these problems were corrected in later installments.

I said they were corrected in later installments, not this installment. Except for later.

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The couch is black and red because, somehow, Mario had acquired a black box around himself since the last comic. I also thought that the TV being a Sony was an ironic touch.

Video game physics rules the day in Retro AOMP. Video game physics and lack-luster comic-smithing.

At least the plot is moving at a semi-brisk pace. We're nearly halfway done!

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There it is! The first appearance of the then-namless Pikapunk. Sadly, Pikapunk was created and utilized for one reason, and one reason alone... die. No idea what kind of guns Bob and Joe are using, or how Bill is fitting through that window. I also detest "Full House". The only two people involved with that show who deserve to live are Dave Courier and the dog. After all, both needed to eat and at least one did better things before and after the show.

Crappiest. Dungeon. Ever.

The use of the Lycos Imagesearch for "flames" yielded many results. Only one of them actually looked like something I could use. At least one person enjoyed my portrayal of Toad as a crazed Gestapo. Or at least he claimed to enjoy it.

Remember when everyone hated Pokemon? Yeah, those were times, eh? I also loathed the franchise until something inside me snapped and I couldn't rest until I obtained a copy of "Pokemon Red". I have never looked back. Charmander and Shuckle make me not regret it.

Ned and Nill are not my proudest moment. Not by a long shot. They were created only so that I might have a Fred and Bill to play around with if I so desired. Little did I know I would never really desire this at all. The foolishness of youth.

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Now we're getting somewhere. The backgrounds in all the previous installments including Bill and Fred had been white because I had a problem with the background coming through their eyes. This can actually be seen in the logo at the top of the page. However, I fixed the problem and cleaned up the sprites a wee bit. Hence the fact that the backgrounds are a bit more ornate than previous installments.

Nothing like doppelgangers to make something all worthwhile, eh? Especially blue doppelgangers of green characters who have nearly the same name.

If only I had known how to make sprites when I made this. Then that whole portrait of Sub-Con would look a whole lot prettier.

Using sprites means the characters can't really show emotion, hence the emoticon up there. I think I eventually figured out to make that line underneath Fred vanish, as well.

I have nothing to say about the above four panels.

Toad pulls a Lakitu.

The balloons in the first panel should be read Ned, then Toad. If you're even reading the comic at this point.

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Wow... I mean that in a relatively bad way.

I cannot vouch for the sanity or effectiveness of the above plan.

That first panel up there? The "They're not home" panel? That's one of my favorite panels I have ever made. It just speaks to me on some sort of primordial level. That makes this whole sprite comic commentary all worth-while, it does.

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I was tying into all sorts of SMBHQ stuff with this comic, I was.

You can probably guess which AOMP milestone is coming up next.

I have no idea what's happened to all that water around Mike P's Resort. Nice to see the building hasn't changed at all, though.

The first appearance of Mike P. Originally designed as an avatar and self-insertion of myself, he quickly overstepped his boundaries. I also have no idea what happened to that "Have Fun!!!" poster by the  front desk.

I'm pretty sure the person VGW Man is based upon hated me after this strip went up. The "hitting yourself in the head" thing is also semi-autobiographical.

For some reason, people seemed to like the conclusion to this strip. Someone came up to me and quoted it. I was shocked, mainly because the person who did so and I were on none-too-friendly terms.

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We're in the home stretch now, folks. Two more episodes to go!

The Stadium that recently appeared in AOMP (and has since been blown up) had the ability to change with the use of controls situated in the announcer's booth. The next two sets of panels detail the default mode of the Stadium.

Continuing the detailing.

Kibble probably represented 100% of Mike P's Resort employees.

Kibble has a very foul mouth. Not as foul as Mike Q, but still pretty foul.

Kibble is not too smart, but very vengeful. Kibble reappears later. One more episode to go, folks!

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My thoughts exactly...

Rhino goring=comedy.

Everyone's shown up for the big match, even the dead!

Needless to say, this battle won't be anything majorly special. It's sort of nifty, though.

The spring was obviously inspired by "Sonic the Hedgehog".

We're nearing the explosive finale! Also, Fred got there through off-camera teleportation.

As if you couldn't figure out the outcome from the title of the comic.

Yep, it's finally over. Mike P wraps things up by making sure that "Bill and Fred's Quasi-Mediocre Adventure" is left undisturbed. Well, not bad for a first effort, but if I did anything this shoddy now, then I would quit comic-smithing. Wait, what if my current stuff is still shoddy? Oh dear! DILEMMA.


Deleted Panel:

Originally, Mike P was supposed to live in isolation on a mountain top and attack Bill, Fred, Nill, and Ned when they disturbed him. Mike P rode a giant bird, as well. However, once it was settled that Mike P was going to own a resort (no idea how this came about, really), the bird idea was scrapped. This is all that was left of that idea.


In the new continuity, there was no Quasi-Mediocre Adventure, Bob and Joe are not Mushroom People, Pikapunk is not a Pikachu, and Mike P is not a Kirby. I cannot stress that enough: MIKE P IS NOT A KIRBY. Ah, and all of the above took place on Megia. This is now what happened:

Two criminals, let's call them Frank (some sort of insectoid, perhaps a man-sized potato-bug) and Barry (let's make him a bird creature), framed a popular Megian politician for murder (some councilman). Frank and Barry whisked the politician away but were stopped mid-flight by the assistant mayor of Moleside, whom we'll call Thaddeus (who looks like AOMP's Jerald). Thaddeus captured Frank and saved the politician, but Barry escaped.

While searching for help on Megia, Barry stumbled across Pikapunk, a squirrel with telekinetic powers and psionic daggers. Barry and Pikapunk went to the Moleside prison, where Bob and Joe (imagine them looking a bit like Jerald, AOMP's gnome wizard, instead of Toad now) shot him down. However, Barry was able to get Frank out of the dungeon.

The two went to their hideout, unaware that Thaddeus had hired two bounty hunters (still named Ned and Nill, though they look like Frank and Barry. Namely, a giant potato-bug and a bird creature. Ned still has a blue beret.) to go after them. Frank and Barry convinced Ned and Nill to battle for the freedom of the criminals. They attempted to fight at the mall, but were reprimanded and sent to Mike P's Resort instead. Mike P then built the Stadium (he hired a robot) and fought his employee Kribbs (not Kibble. Kribbs wears a loincloth and a knight's helmet, as well as boxing gloves) in it. Mike P still won.

Frank and Ned then fought in the Stadium, with Frank emerging victorious. The outcome of the Barry/Nill fight also remained the same. Frank and Barry were then allowed to flee, and so they left Megia to traverse the stars as a sort of Han Solo/Chewbacca team. Ned and Nill remained at the Resort, as they did in the old continuity.

Well, that's it. Again, once all of the Retro AOMP segments are completed, I'll transcribe each of the comics into a nicer prose format which will go up on the Green Circle site. Hope you enjoyed this. Tune in next time for Retro AOMP presents "Count Pikachu".

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