Click here to see some of my shhhhhhhh!!!!!

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I hope to gain enough experience so I can make my own web page for my production company.

My web site will have underground music videos on it!!! yeahhh!

dis b tha right

da center iz ova hurr

this is the BOLD!
this is tha ITALIC!
And dis is dat TYPEWRITER!

Aiight man its like dis. All this stuff is soooo blah! First off all, I can't get into anglefire.com! and when i do, dumb stuff happens so now i have to do all this stuff in notepad and not on the web site!...oh well, I'll live.
The myths of ancient civilizations continue to influence today's societies in ways both subtle and broad. One way we see it is in our language. "He's such a narcissus." "You'll be struck down by a bolt of lighting." "Marketing has always been that company's Achilles' heel." Mythology symbols also show up in logos, art, and design Love it hate it, there's just no escaping the fat that gods of old are still among us today.