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Boxing Gone Haywire

Saturday, April 19, was the day Akadian held his weekly event. This week it was a Boxing Tournament to be held at Billy's Spaceship Afterworld. There were 16 Boxers overall (more signed up, but either didn't show or lost interest). There was a 5 PED sign up charge, that was used for Winner-Take all. The following is a list of contestants:

What an event this turned into! After the first round, the remaining Boxers remained: Grunge, Miro, Goshen, Headwar, De1ta Force, T REx, Heart, and Nay. All was going well until the match between Heart (a cK member may I add) and Nay. Heart claimed during the match, near the end, that Nay dealt out 9.9 damage, which is questionable of unfair play, because only TT fists and low level fists were allowed. Although, may I add, had Nay been training, his [Critical Damage] would come into affect. Anyways, all she shouted was "9.9". Of course Akadian had no idea what she meant, until right as she died she exclaimed "f/dmg". It was too late for Akadian to do anything. Once Heart revived she began arguing her case, although rules say she was too late to have this checked out. AKadian reminder her of this. Her companion, Angel (another cK, who lost first round) was agreeing with her. Not having her way, Heart pulled out her rifle and shot up Goshen and Grunge, who were the first Semi-final match (Semi-finalists were Goshen, Grunge, De1ta Force, and Nay). She slew many people, including myself and Dee. She even knew the two of us were just reporters yet she insisted on killing us. Well, Akadian used Private chat to tell the semi-finalists, myself, and Dee, to go to Argus to fight there. Goshen and Grunge were almost done with the re-match when Heart and Angel appeared, once again, killing them. They got kicked of their account for a short period, but not long enough to keep them from coming back to kill Grunge and Goshen again! That evening, De1ta and Nay fought, and De1ta won. Several days later, I officiated Grunge and Goshen's re-re-re-match, and Goshen won. Now we are down to De1ta Force VS Goshen for the championship and the 80+ PED prize. More details to come upon this match's closing.

Prospective Champions

Grunge VS Miro: Quarter Final

Goshen VS Headwar: Quarter Final

De1ta Force VS T Rex: Quarter Final

Heart VS Nay: Quarter Final

Grunge VS Goshen: Semi Final

Nay VS De1ta Force: Semi Final
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