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  1. What is Operation X?
    Operation X is a Bellarmine club created by two seniors, Kendall Hall and Nate Pedronan. It was created to promote Bellarmine students to learn about other cultures, while at the same time, teaching others about American culture.

  2. Okay, so what exactly do members of Operation X do?
    We go to Catholic Charities in Santa Clara and participate in various service activities with refugees from around the world, such as:
    • Tutoring them in Microsoft Office in Catholic Charities' computer lab.
    • Helping them learn how to type
    • Helping them improve English writing and speaking skills.

  3. How do I sign up?
    You can sign up by either contacting Kendall Hall or Nate Pedronan, or you can click here to sign up online.


Nate Pedronan
Home Phone: (408) 578-5043
Cell Phone: (480) 832-8808

Kendall Hall
Home Phone: (408) 554-6655
Cell Phone: (408) 483-1029

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