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OK, so what I'm about to say you may not care about, but still: Does Billy Boyd have a girlfriend? Or is it his sister? Eep. - Abby


    Abby, 28/10/03, 10:25

I watched Jackass: The Movie for the third time round at Carrie's house on Wednesday. I asked my parents if I could have it - outlook doubtful. Damn!

On a lighter note, everything here is new, so with any luck you won't get bored for at least another 5 minutes. Yay!

Also, it's Halloween this Friday - break out the cheapo, plastic, warty fingers, witch hats and fangs with brats knocking on the front door and then being presented with an out-of-date penguin bar with mould growing on the opening of the packet. The flip side of this is going round to a friend's house and watching Final Destination (not the second one).  Mwa ha ha. I know which one I'd prefer. It's also the one I'm doing. Woo hoo! Lucky ol' me.

Current music: Virgin Radio - Molly's Chambers by Kings of Leon

Current mood: Happy, despite overhanging art homework

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