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Fight for Your Right to Clean Air!

On March 31, 2005 the implementation of a smoking ban within local Twin City bars and liquor licensed establishments went into affect. Previously, employees and patrons alike were being exposed to dangerous cigarette smoke. According to the World Health Organization, both smokers and nonsmokers were being exposed to "more than 4000 chemicals, including 69 known carcinogens such as formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, benzene, and radioactive polonium 210 (Smoking Ban par. 6)." Soon after, the effects of the smoking ban were evident. Not only had the air quality of bars and liquor licensed establishments improved, but "the industry as a whole experienced a higher rate of revenue increases post-ordinance than in a comparable period in the previous year (American Lung Association par. 9)." In conclusion, we need to take steps in advancing the ban to other parts of the state. The benefits are evident and will continuously increase in upcoming years. Hennepin County has issued hearings in which they will loosen the restrictions of the ban. In doing so, bar owners will continually fight until the smoking ban is completely demolished. Get involved within local organizations and help make a better tomorrow for Minnesota! If you have any questions/comments please contact me via email.

Minnesotan Cities/Counties which Currently Enforce the Smoking Ban

Get involved and take action!

American Lung Association of Minnesota
Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota Smoke-free Coalition