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Sacred Heart School     Muenster, Texas


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C o m m u n i t y   L u m b e r
Knabe Tire & Battery Hess Furniture Co. Nortex Communications
Chuck Bartush, Jr.-PC Muenster State Bank Muenster Livestock Auction
Kountry Korner Harold & Jeanine Flusche Gehrig Hardware
Lara's Flowers  & Tuxedos Muenster Drilling Co. Muenster Garden Center
Bayer's Kolonialwaren

Machinator (mash’ ·nā·tôr) n. (<L machinatus, pp. of machinari, to devise, plan, plot <machina, MACHINE) 1. one who devises, plans, or plots artfully. 2. a member of the Sacred Heart School robotics team.

The Future is at Sacred Heart School

“We seem to have raised the bar to unreachable heights once again,” said Smith. “But we do that every year. It’s a tradition of Sacred Heart School.”
The Machinators have earned three DC BEST trophies, two DC BEST Special Awards, three DC BEST Participation Awards, the Texas BEST Founder’s Award for Most Creative Design, and three Texas BEST Participation Awards in their short three-year history.
More than 50 Sacred Heart students have been members of the Machinators Robotics Team. Many former team members are now pursuing degrees in business and engineering at such prestigious institutions as Southern Methodist University, Texas A&M University, University of Oklahoma, and Loyola University Chicago.
Astronauts used the Machinators’ 2001 robot as a model for the Mobile Transporter on the International Space Station. The Machinators hold the record as the most successful three-year-old team in DC BEST. Nearly 30 businesses have sponsored the Machinators, and many have pledged to do so in future years.
“We’ll continue to boost engineering, science, and technology in Muenster and Cooke County,” said Smith. “The future is in our hands, and not without reason.”
Smith is correct. The future rests in the hands of the Machinators for a good reason.
They are the future

Pandemonium in the Smithsonian

Pandemonium in the Smithsonian 2000

Rad 2 the Core

Rad to the Core 2001

Warp X