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Okay, here we go ;D


Classical guitar thingie which you people are lazy to tab out:
















I thought I would just record it anyway, so I have these mp3s of me playing it fast and slow.


I’m sorry I didn’t make this on Guitar Pro, it just won’t work in my computer for now because my trial version expired last week. Ääääh, I’ll just do that later. Or you do it yourself now that I had all the haaard work of tabbing everything out :D lol



And then I also played the solo of CIV. You already have tabs that I made for it so just follows an explanation. The beginning was made up on a melodic pattern of a single string in harmonic Am. There are two guitars playing the same pattern, but on the interval of a 3rd. Then you repeat the same phrase one tone higher.  Aaaand... then comes a sequence of two major chords, D and A. The phrasing goes along as the chord changes, that’s quite noticeable.

On the D the phrase starts by a chromatized of the 3rd to the 5th of the chord and then it follows by the triad. On A, the phrase starts by the triad with 4th.  Second guitar, which is still in the beginning of the solo goes back to the pedal point during Em. Lots of whammy bar in the end.

(Sorry if there’s any eventual mistake, I am fucking hungover.)


Hear me playing it fast and slow too.


Now homework for the brave ones :D Tab this out: aleksissolojam.mp3  LOL