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The Flying Dragon Institute was established in the mid-1960s by a group of Dutch Indonesians to propagate the art of Indonesian Kuntao which they had learned from the late Paatje Carel Faulhaber (below).

Paatje1 Faulhaber was born on 2 November, 1923 in Semarang, Central Java. While growing up, he learned a form of Kuntao Matjan2 or Tiger-style Kuntao, from a one-eyed Chinese master. Faulhaber would go to this old master each day after school for his lessons, although he was a sometimes over-enthusiastic student and 'played hookey', skipping school, in order to slip away and train with his Guru and fellow students during the day. He also attributed much of his knowledge to an unidentified Dukun or traditional Indonesian spiritualist/healer. In 1954, Paatje Faulhaber left Indonesia for Holland, settling in Renkum where he served in the Dutch army as a regular soldier. In 1959/60, Paatje Faulhaber began teaching his Kuntao Macan outside his immediate family, choosing as his students the so-called 'Ring of Five', consisting of his eldest son Robert Faulhaber, Richard Kudding, Max Bax, and Eduard Lammerts van Bueren. In 1963, the fifth member, Theo Verschuur, met the other four and began training under Paatje Faulhaber. Paatje Faulhaber passed away from cancer in 1974, aged 50.

1Paatje: The term Paatje is a colloquialism commonly employed by Dutch Indonesians, roughly comparable to the contemporary Malay honourific pakcik. It is a contraction of bapak ( 'father') and cilik ( 'little'), and means essentially 'uncle'. See also Alex van Deelen's translations from the Fighting Spirit/Zendokan.
2Macan: Current (post-1974) romanisation of 'matjan', the Javanese word meaning 'tiger' (as distinct from the more commonly seen Malay 'harimau').

Paatje Richard Kudding was born in Tanggerang, West Java (nr. Jakarta), in 1938. From the age of five his father, Bernard Cornelius Kudding, taught him Sundanese tiger-style silat pamacan. The family lived briefly in Semarang, but were interned by the Japanese during their occupation of the region in World War II. After the war, the Kudding family settled in Makassar, Sulawesi where Paatje Richard studied both Silat Matjan Bugis under Nono Malonda as well as an unspecified kuntao style under Wong Hong Leong (patriarch of the successful peranakan Chinese business family). When his family left Indonesia in 1959, they settled in Holland. There, he met Rob Faulhaber, and was introduced to Paatje Faulhaber under whom he began training in 1959/60. Paatje Kudding continued to study under Paatje Faulhaber until he moved to Canada in 1970. During the mid-1960s, when Kuntao was organised in Holland under the Kempo Section of the Dutch Judokwai, Paatje Kudding served as Secretary of the Kempo Section.

During the mid-1960s, Paatje Kudding also studied Dragon-Style Kung Fu (longxingquan) from under Sigong Hoang Nam of Paris. Hoang Nam also exercised a profound influence of Paatje Kudding's philosophical approach to the martial arts. Besides these two systems of fighting, Richard Kudding also studied traditional massage therapy under Pencak Silat master N.J. Fischer. Paatje Kudding also holds a Nidan (Second Degree Black Belt) in Kodokan Judo and in Kyokushinkai Karate. In recent years, Paatje Kudding's work has taken him all over China and Southeast Asia where he has continued to search out traditional schools and masters, and enrich his knowledge of the martial arts.

In 1970, Richard Kudding emigrated to Canada to pursue his career as an engineer in the new world. Once established, Richard yielded to requests that he teach his art, and established the Flying Dragon Institute, first in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and then from 1979 in Calgary, Alberta. While living in Winnipeg, Paatje Kudding also furthered his martial arts experience studying Pai Mei (White Eyebrow) Kung-Fu from Sifu Tim Chang (Chang Shing-Shan).

In October 2000, Paatje Kudding formally entered into negotiations with the Jakarta-based International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT) for Kuntao Matjan to be recognised by the Indonesian government as an authentic Indonesian martial arts through the auspices of UK Pencak Silat Federation president Aidinal Alrashid. Formal recognition and membership in PERSILAT were granted in autumn 2002 and publicly announced at the December 2002 World Pencak Silat Championships in Penang, Malaysia. In 2003 Paatje Kudding retired from active teaching in the Calgary branch of the Flying Dragon Institute in order to concentrate of growing the art of Kuntao Matjan internationally, and on building the Canadian Pencak Silat federation (PERKASA, Persekutuan Kanada Pencak Silat) on behalf of the International Pencak Silat Federation. Classes in Canada are currently headed by Guru Dan Brocklebank who heads the Calgary branch of the Flying Dragon Institute under the authority of Paatje Kudding.

Paatje Richard Kudding can be contacted on email, or at:

Dr. Philip H.J. Davies began studying under Paatje Kudding in 1981 and has trained in the art since. Dr. Davies' martial arts instruction began in 1977 in Tae Kwon Do. His first experience of Chinese martial arts was in Ninety Nine Step Tai Chi under Mannfred Rottman, a student of the famous Taiwan-based grandmaster Wang Shu-Chin, and between 1984 and 1987 he studied a form of Hung Kuen Kung Fu under one-time instructor to the Toronto Chinese Freemasons Sigong Jimmy Lore (Lore King-Hung) at the Jing-Mo school in Toronto's Old Chinatown. During this period,Dr. Davies also studied Dragon and Lion dance, becoming one of the very few westerners in Toronto's Old Chinatown to publicly perform the Lion's Head, and eventually became one of Jing Mo's junior instructors. Under Paatje Kudding, Dr. Davies has studied not only the empty hand fighting techniques of Kuntao, but also the traditional Indonesian weaponry, internal training (Latihan Pernafasan) and traditional manipulative healing (urut asli). Dr. Davies was certified to teach in 1987, and operated a school in Toronto, Canada, from 1987 to 1991. In 1991 he moved to Calgary to assist Paatje Kudding's main branch of the Institute, where Paatje Kudding appointed Dr. Davies his Assistant Chief Instructor to the Flying Dragon Institute.

In 1992 Dr. Davies moved to Reading, where he completed his Ph.D. at the University or Reading on the management of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, aka MI6), where he has operated a class in Kuntao from April of 1993. In January, 1998 Dr. Davies relocated to Singapore, where he spent nearly a year and a half teaching sociology for the University of London External Programme at the Stansfield School of Business. While in Singapore, Dr. Davies made an intensive study the 'cultural aspect' of Indonesian/Malay martial arts, in particular traditional gamelan silat under Jurulatih Utama Mohd. Khamin bin Said of the Bugis style Pencak Silat Titi Pinang and Pakcik Zaani Abdullah of the East Javanese art of Silat Banyuwangi, as well as the Indonesian martial arts music of kendang silat under Lek Supari Sumito . After two years teaching back at Reading and two and a half as an Associate Professor in International and Strategic Studies at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During his time at UM, Dr. Davies completed negotiations with the International Pencak Silat Association which resulted in PSKM being accepted as an 'authentic Indonesian martial art' and included within the international silat community.

In 2003, Dr. Davies returned to the UK, teaching at Brunel University in west London where he is deputy director of the Brunel University Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies. He currently teaches a small, handpicked class of students at Brunel University. The UK branch of PSKM has twice hosted visits from Paatje Kudding, once in October 2000 and most recently in December 2005.

Dr. Davies can be contacted on Email, or through the Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 2DD; tel.+44 (0)1895 266827.

Paatje Carel Faulhaber died in 1974. Theo Verschuur died of cancer at Stolzenau, Germany, in1981. Both Lammerts van Buren and Max Bax survive, but have retired from teaching. Their students continue to practice arts derived from Paatje Faulhaber's Kuntao in Holland today.

The KUNTAO MACAN Family Tree

Paatje Carel Faulhaber

Rob Faulhaber

Edu Lammerts van Bueren

Richard Kudding

Max Bax;

Theo Verschuur

Ben de Witt


Edu Thomassouw

Email care of Hein Van Brussel,

Sunny Latumeten


Mainze Bonekamp

(Netherlands; d.1997)

Raoul Lammerts van Bueren


Philip Davies

Jeff Harris
Martin Askew
Dan Sam
Kathy Lewis
Barry Dick

Rene Scharff


Henri de Vogel

Harry de Spa


Kuntao Reunion, 1997

On October 4, 1997, the Thirtieth Anniversary celebration of Rene Scharff's Double Dragons school provided the occasion for the first reunion of some of the surviving members of the Ring of Five in nearly three decades. Photos and information about the event can be found here...

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