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Final Dreams

Name: Final Dreams HP: 17,778,990 MP: 99,999 AP: 200,000 Gil: 300,000 Items Dropped: Dark Matter(x70) Winning Formula(x90) Wings to Discovery(x90) Designer Wallet(x90) Requirements to fight: You must defeat all the Dark Aeons and Penance, also dispose of all the Monster Arena bosses in less than an hour. Then go to the Omega Ruins and defeat Omega and Ultima weapon and go to where you fought Omega. Description: He is 8 feet tall and has spiked blonde hair. His face is half dark with a red eye and a white side with a green eye. His crimson battle-scarred shirt blows from side to side, his pants are also ripped because of the muscle tearing out. He floats 3 feet off the floor he weilds a great sword with blood on the tip dripping down the sword is a yellow sword with a sweeping long handle with a ruby on each tip of the spikes that stick out from the handle. He has 3 chian hanging on his shoulders lazily one of his arms is hangs lifelessly and is not often used. Story: Past- Final Dreams was not like this when he was born he was a happy boy who was loved and cared, but then his mom went on a journey with his dad when he was five something happened... his mom was attacked by Sin and lost into the ocean forever, his dad was mean to him so the boy ran away and he was not seen again. He was washed up on a beach 7,000 miles away from his home, he was found by an adoption agency and found parents when he was 13. He was tormented worse than the first place and something was always missing... his mom. He left when he was 16 and searched all over for his mom and then found out who last saw her and wanted to take him down. Present- He wanted to get back at the last person who saw her... Auron, he was his target but he knew he had too little power. He took the spirits of those who have been destroyed by the living and wanted revenge on the world, but wanted to start with Auron. He watched Auron and his powers for years and made sure that nothing was able to kill Auron, this was also the reason that Auron was not killed with Jecht and Braska. He selfishly did this because he wanted to kill the legendary Auron but had no idea how because of Yunalesca killing him before. In the Omega Ruins when you go there after the requirements. Tidus: Why did we come back here?? Auron: I feel a mysterious presence... Tidus: You're a mysterious presence. Rikku: Huh.. what is he talking about Auron? Auron: Nothing we must continue... They continue and run into 2 Kottos and the party the wonders how these strong enemies got into the Omega Ruins... when the party decides to go to fight them a flash of lightning strikes and it starts to rain. Tidus: Woah what is this doing here?? Did they let the monster arena out?? Wakka: Ya what is it don' here? Auron: I told you let's fight through them! We can stop it!! Yuna: Yes, let's fight. Once you defeat the enemies and get to the place where the platforms are. You fight enemies, on each you fight Original Creations and when you get to the end... Tidus: Wow this is interesting all this fighting and nothing-- Auron: It's here.. Wakka: Ya, I don't see anything Yuna: We should rest here. Lulu: Yeah we should stay here for now. Rikku: I don't want to it's c-c-c-rrrreeeppy! Kimahri: Kimahri not like here. ???: I have come for you! Auron: Is it you? Tidus: Do you know him?? ???: You know what I have come for!! Auron: Yes this is the moment of my story I must face this, it is the decsion of what I am. ???: You still haven't changed have you? I've been watching you for years. Auron: I know I've sensed your presence for years and have seen you many times ???: You saw my mother, the only one in my life that was great to me, die! You didn't even bother to help. Auron: It was what was destiny don't try to fight it that is your opion that I could do something. ???: You make a good point but I will fight the truth... that truth is YOU! Auron: This is the only way?... Well then prepare to fight!! The dark man comes out and reveals himself to be Final Dreams. Attacks: Kiezer Smasher- Takes out a sword that looks like a Caladbolg but a red color and swings to the ground and cracks the earth and the players fall into the world of the tormented spirits and the next 5 turns they are stuck and when they are down there one character is randomly Ko'ed by the dead spirits. Revenge- Only used when you are in the Omega Ruins, Final Dreams goes up to the sky and leaves a distraction to defeat within the next ten rounds or he will come diving into it and it will explode on you for 9,000 damage each. He uses his his bad arm on one character which casts a spell that leaves one character on the ground for the rest of the battle doing half of the normal damage. Final Revival- He jolts though one character and steals their will to fight with his bad arm and are forced to sit out for 7 turns and also does 50,000 damage to that character for each turn. Beg for Mercy- He summons a Dark Aeon to defend him it is mostly Anima because it is his most loyal because they share there pain and he has 100,000 more hp than Dark Anima. Never Return- He brings a single character to the darkest realm and he leaves a weak 2,000,000 hp version of him that will do half of the nomal damage, if the character losses he is left in the realm for the rest of the battle. Ultra- Guard: Similar to Mighty Gaurd but has 9 of each Nul and also Final Dreams takes only 10% of all damage done, he is effected and he gains an extra 10,000 HP each turn, but he is weaked and can not use any of his overdrives while in this state. Part with the Land: Final Dreams makes Auron battle with him alone, and Auron is then forced to give up his power of physical attack and Auron also has no magic defence. Land of Dead: Final makes a spiraling portal that goes to the underworld and then you see a huge parade of dead spirits runs thru the party and you are left blind by the light of the dead mother of Final Dreams, the whole party is also damaged and left with 3,000 damage each. Overdrive: (used every 10th turn of Final Dreams) Last Resort- Slices all characters and leaves them at 1 hp. Tri Dragon- Only uses if you can if he has half of his max hp; Turns into a monster that lookes like Valfor and Ifrit combined and attacks with about 90,000 damage with each hit. He stays in this form for 2,000,000 hp and when he get out of that form he gains 500,000 hp. Pain of all Pains: Final Dreams throws off his chains and he takes his bad arm up and unleashes a slice that goes thru one character and he does 999,999 damage to one character. He then will do two times much as he mostly does when he physicaly attacks. Final Day: Uses this attack when lower than 800,000 HP and will leash-out with 50 attacks each doing 3,000 damage attacking all party members. He then reaches into the ground and he pulls out a huge sword that is a completely black version of his normal sword and he jumps into the air and sticks his sword in the character with the most hp in the party and leaves the sword in them, the character is not damaged but he attacks his party members with the -aga spells. Once the battle is done he disappears into the darkness. ???: I will return but next time you will never survive! Auron: I will be waiting..... Tidus: Who was that?? Auron: The past...