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Movie Reviews

On this page you will find movie reviews for new movies that have recently hit the screen. You can write reviews and send them to me in the box below. We will then put the review on the site. O yes and we will also have a movie of the month every month so don't forget to check out the must sees.

Movie of The Month:
LOTR: The Return of The King
This movie is an all time favorite of all movie-goers. LOTR features cool theatre effects and closes the trilogy of that begun with the Fellowship of The Ring. This movie has all of the favorite characters of the trilogy. What if you don't want to see short boys skipping around saying "it's mine" or "precious" you ask? This movie has great war scenes and awesome effects. I especially enjoyed the part where the elephants come along and the ghosts beat 'em up. Well I don't want to tell too much so go check it out yourself.

Scary Movie 3
A hilarious, you won't stop laughing movie. This movie is full of comedy and excitement and you'll be rolling on the floor laughing. I give it a 5(/5) Thumbs up for comedy. There are many funny parts such as the aliens way to say "hello" and "goodbye" and...well I don't want to spoil it for you. So the next time you're going to the movies, go to see Scary Movie 3.

Stuck On You
Boy would I hate to be them. In this movie 2 small town boys are stuck together. They have made the best of their "problem." One of them is an actor and another is a ordinary guy. The actor guy decides to go to Hollywood and the other guy agrees. The actor gets laughed at because he is stuck to the other guy. He is laughed out of all his gigs until Cher comes along. She hires the actor to be her co-host just so she can get out of her be cont.

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