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Bout Me YO YO

3 facts

Yo Yo

My name is Kevin, i am currently attending WO Academy for the Gifted (well some of us). I like basketball, football, and soccer even if i'm not good at any of those. I REALLY like computers and cell phones as most of u already know. I like to see what's inside and all.

Ma homies are Ashwin, Matt, Dan, Joe, and Francisco. 


My Friends

Greg-uhhhh w8 C I DON'T KNOW?! haha monkeys and bananas

Ashwin-I'm getting u bak for the water thing!

Brian(C)-OMG! that's 3 ppl outside skool!

Adam K.-Showing off with ma cell phone??

Adam S.-Retard!

Danny Z.-Danielle

Anthony-So Mr. M



Joe-When's our band meeting?

Donna-I'm no weasel :'(

CJ-A big chair for a big boy! LOL

Nick R-wassup?

Gina-Don't take my shoes EVER again!

Liz-isn't my icon great?

Tej-Yo sup little man.

Alice- I'm betta at drums JK!


Katie T-BOO!