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The Imperia

Imperia is a growing force that will soon come to this realm and bring about a revolution and reform of this planet. Imperia is an empirical faction that strives for the elimination of the weak and the procreation of the strong. The frail religions of the simple minded shall be done away with, sensless laws and edicts shall be burned. All is for the betterment of those who strive for more. Imperia will give new blood to this dieing world and create a civilization to be reckoned with. This is Imperia.

The Call of Imperia

As always Imperia must be given blood to keep running as it has in other realms. It is now that you must decide if Imperia holds what you value and if you could gain from your alliegance to Imperia. Imperia values all allies and members and welcomes all who are able to serve Imperia. Imperia could do for you if you can do for it.

Aspects of Imperia