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HCW Version 4 "Oh shit! it's a Zombie!"

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Welcome to HCW!


Last updated by Kyle195 on February 7th, 2005 at 4:51 PM

I have decided to reopen HCW as a non-fed - That is to say, a federation I run, with my characters and my storylines. Basically, I'll give you news, 'll books cards, and whenever I feel like it, I'll write results. That means some weeks I might pop out a month worth of showes (4 Heavy Flows and 1 PPV), and some MONTHS you may see very little done. This is just for entertainment, really.

Regardless, sit back, get ready, and stay tuned! HCW is coming back! Oh, and mind the shitty site. I'm on a budget ($0), and I have no friends, so I couldn't get one made. I just took the old 2003 version. The graphics will be shitty too. What do you expect?

Just for reference, the old site can be found at

~ Kyle195