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HCW Hall of Fame How About This

The Hall of Fame is where all the legends go when they "pass on" (ie. quit, get fired,etc). Anyone in the Hall of Fame may rejoin HCW at any time. They will just have the honor of being a hall of famer when they return.
Hall of Fame
Name Accomplishment Inducted on
"The Franchise" Neo One of the original members of HCW, and the only 5 time world champion. Was also the only person to ever hold the Triple Crown (World, Tag and Xtreme titles) at one time. Oct.21st, 2001
Cassidy Another of the original members of HCW, has held the HCW World Heavyweight championship 3 times and has had many memorable feuds with Neo. Oct.21st, 2001
"Devil Woman" Jill Holland The first lady of HCW and one of it's original members. Has held numerious titles and been involved in some of the great storylines of the past. Nov.10th, 2001
"Spikey" Mikey Being the only person to hold The World Heavyweight, Women's, and Women's Xtreme Titles at one time. Also being the first man to ever hold a women's Title. April 3rd, 2002
"Rat Man" Andrew Smith The second of two men to ever hold the World Heavyweight and Women's Titles at the same time. April 3rd, 2002
"The Ringmaster" Amanda MC The only female to hold both Women's Titles (Women's and Women's Xtreme) at the same time. Also held the Women's title the most times (5). April 3rd, 2002