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When: January 1st, Year One
Place: Halifax Metro Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Bell Time: 8 PM

Main Event
Jade Monkey On a Pole!
Victor Mainstay (w/William Diamond) vs. James Russa (w/John Elbert, Ryan Domka, Jonas Shooter)
WD's protege headlines the very first edition of 'The Flow' going up against the leader of Team Canada, Russa, and the rest of the Team! Worse yet, that soul stealing ruffian the Jade Monkey is hanging from a pole 15 feet in the air! The first man to capture it may use it, and chances are if he does, the other man will likely leave the ring souless! This much excitement, ONLY in HCW!

Match Three
Payback Titles Tournament Round One
Team G.U.T.S. (

Match Two
Payback Titles Tournament Round One
The Samoan SWAT Team (Sufa, Aldo) vs. The Death By Seizure Crew (Eradicator, Outlaw)
These two teams absolutely LOATHED each other in Version 3, both teams swapping the Payback Titles back and forth numerous times. They are now given a stage on the very first edition of 'The Flow' to prove once and for all which is the better team. Who will come out on top?

Match One
Miasma vs. Obie
The very first match on 'The Flow' features the Dark Lord of the Showtime Asylum, Miasma, taking on the beloved Obie, the Hobo Janitor! Will Obie be able to overcome the Dark Lord, or will he succumb to the fury of the Lord's onslaught?