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To Boldly Go - Starship Hal 200X, Turn 1287

(starting turn at star system Star #34 with $10069 of energy, playing since turn 1006)

Hal 200X meets Space Beagle at Star #34

Hal 200X demands ram-2524 and Space Beagle offers it
Space Beagle demands shield-8154 and Hal 200X offers it

You praised Pantera Pardus, Prophet of The Wise One

You praised Great White Dope, Prophet of The Fierce One
Science crew access starnet terminal for extra training
Medical crew access starnet terminal for extra training

Engineering officer fixed impulse drive-715

Gained access to Starnet Terminal #19

Medical officer healed crew's illness and injuries Average health up to 99.9%

Weaponry officer maintained shield-7449 (U) up to 77%

Sold warp drive-12199 for $396

Sold impulse drive-13922 for $396

Sold impulse drive-8727 for $396

Sold impulse drive-13161 (U) for $196

Sold impulse drive-13154 (U) for $196

Sold impulse drive-2641 for $396

Sold impulse drive-11445 (U) for $196

Sold impulse drive-6766 (U) for $196

Sold impulse drive-8191 (U) for $196

Sold impulse drive-8035 for $396

Sold impulse drive-4451 (U) for $196

Sold impulse drive-13203 for $396

Sold impulse drive-12681 for $396

Sold impulse drive-13254 for $396

Sold cloak-9358 for $396

Sold cloak-7830 for $396

Sold cloak-11168 for $396

Sold cloak-10894 for $396

Sold cloak-48 for $396

Sold cloak-8033 for $396

Sold cloak-7858 (U) for $196

Sold cloak-10705 for $396

Sold cloak-9737 (U) for $178

Sold cloak-9678 (U) for $180

Sold cloak-10139 (U) for $196

Sold cloak-10144 for $396

Sold cloak-11956 (U) for $158

Sold life support-168 for $396

Sold sickbay-616 for $1584

shield-8154 no longer available

Sold shield-122 for $198

Sold gun-1337 (U) for $124

Sold laser-8781 for $198

No new adventures found exploring near space (1067)

No new criminals detected at near space (1067)

Jumped to Olympus for $48

Engineering skills (55 = 31+24) Science skills (53 = 27+26) Medical skills (54 = 27+27) Weaponry skills (52 = 27+25)
31 crew, average skill: 19 27 crew, average skill: 25 27 crew, average skill: 27 27 crew, average skill: 24
School 1 School 1 School 1 School 1
School 2 School 2 School 2 School 2
Repaired warp drive Repaired sensor Repaired life support Repaired shield
Repaired impulse drive Repaired cloak Repaired sickbay Repaired weapons
Maintained warp drive Maintained sensor Maintained life support Maintained shield
Maintained impulse drive Maintained cloak Maintained sickbay Maintained weapons
Enlightenment Enlightenment Enlightenment Enlightenment
Starnet Hacking Starnet Hacking Starnet Hacking Starnet Hacking
Academy 1 Academy 1 Academy 1 Academy 1
Academy 2 Academy 2 Academy 2 Academy 2
Academy 3 Academy 3 Academy 3 Academy 3
Academy 4 Near Space Adventure 1 Near Space Adventure 1 Near Space Adventure 1
Academy 5 Moon Adventure 1 Moon Adventure 1 Moon Adventure 1
Academy 6 Asteroid Belt Adventure Asteroid Belt Adventure Asteroid Belt Adventure
Academy 7 Ocean Adventure Ocean Adventure Ocean Adventure
Near Space Adventure 1 Deep Space Adventure 1 Deep Space Adventure 1 Deep Space Adventure 1
Moon Adventure 1 Comet Cloud Adventure 1 Comet Cloud Adventure 1 Comet Cloud Adventure 1
Asteroid Belt Adventure Near Space Adventure 2 Near Space Adventure 2 Near Space Adventure 2
Ocean Adventure Ancient Civilisation Adventure 1 Ancient Civilisation Adventure 1 Ancient Civilisation Adventure 1
Deep Space Adventure 1 Moon Adventure 2 Moon Adventure 2 Moon Adventure 2
Comet Cloud Adventure 1 Deep Space Adventure 2 Deep Space Adventure 2 Deep Space Adventure 2
Near Space Adventure 2 Near Space Adventure 3 Near Space Adventure 3 Near Space Adventure 3
Ancient Civilisation Adventure 1 Ancient Civilisation Adventure 2 Ancient Civilisation Adventure 2 Ancient Civilisation Adventure 2
Moon Adventure 2 Moon Adventure 3 Moon Adventure 3 Moon Adventure 3
Deep Space Adventure 2 Comet Cloud Adventure 2 Comet Cloud Adventure 2 Comet Cloud Adventure 2
Near Space Adventure 3 Deep Space Adventure 3 Deep Space Adventure 3 Deep Space Adventure 3
Ancient Civilisation Adventure 2 Ancient Civilisation Adventure 3 Ancient Civilisation Adventure 3 Ancient Civilisation Adventure 3
Moon Adventure 3
Comet Cloud Adventure 2
Deep Space Adventure 3
Ancient Civilisation Adventure 3

Adventures Known at:

  • Medical-20 (Deep Space Adventure 1) at Star #44

    Terminals Accessed at:

    Star #28 Rastaban Canopus Spica Sirius Ceti Ross Alnitak Star #27 Star #34 Mira Hamal Aldebaran Tauri Regulus Draconis

    Plagues Cured at:

    Hamal Draconis Algol Betelgeuse Alnitak Thuban Regulus Zosca Kapetyn Bootis Alioth Merak Hydrae Pherda Polaris Caph Canis Schedar Indi Tauri Mirfak Sadir Markab Sirius Aurigae

    Criminals Known:

    Cat Heavy in colony at Wezen
    Pig Heavy in colony at Deneb
    Pixie Heavy in colony at Pollux
    Wasp Heavy in captivity
    Squirrel Heavy in colony at Hydrae
    Worm Heavy in colony at Canopus
    Rat Heavy in colony at Olympus

    Your enemies are:

    Ant Bird Cat Dog Groundhog Kangaroo Lizard Lobster Monkey Penguin Pig Pixie Rabbit Sloth Spider Tiger Troll Vole Wasp Hamster Worm Goblin Rat Weasel

    Link to Starmap

    Sector 35/15, Star system Olympus (Dyson Sphere terrain):

    Locations in this system

    87Ant Colony buying Hankies for $62 (124%)
    1 Engineering vote (Vortex Surfer has 75 influence)
    95Beetle Colony buying Winegums for $135 (135%)
    1 Science vote (Pantera Pardus has 11 influence)
    115Cat Colony buying Windows (!) for $1225 (245%)
    1 Science vote (Pantera Pardus has 102 influence)
    148Kangaroo Colony buying Scrap for $57 (228%)
    1 Medical vote (Pantera Pardus has 12 influence)
    166Lobster Colony buying Web Pages for $195 (130%)
    1 Engineering vote (Vortex Surfer has 84 influence)
    173Monkey Colony buying Quad Trees for $524 (209%)
    1 Science vote (Pantera Pardus has 37 influence)
    199Pig Colony buying Xylophones for $328 (218%)
    1 Medical vote (Pantera Pardus has 29 influence)
    214Rabbit Colony buying Fudge for $108 (216%)
    1 Medical vote (Tagnik'Zur has 16 influence)
    220Sloth Colony buying Puddings for $160 (160%)
    1 Medical vote (Pantera Pardus has 11 influence)
    229Spider Colony buying Surprises for $334 (267%)
    1 Engineering vote (Pequod has 40 influence)
    241Tiger Colony buying Sharp Sticks (!) for $740 (185%)
    1 Weaponry vote (M.S. Bounty has 52 influence)
    250Troll Colony buying Marzipan for $108 (144%)
    1 Engineering vote (Indomitable has 130 influence)
    265Vole Colony buying Eye Robots for $470 (235%)
    1 Science vote (Neutral has 0 influence)
    268Wasp Colony buying Old Songs for $608 (243%)
    1 Engineering vote (Neutral has 0 influence)
    289Hamster Colony buying Beards for $275 (275%)
    1 Weaponry vote (Neutral has 0 influence) [Rat Heavy]
    304Worm Colony buying Ray-guns (!) for $860 (215%)
    1 Weaponry vote (Neutral has 0 influence)
    323Rat Colony buying Lists for $196 (156%)
    1 Weaponry vote (Neutral has 0 influence)
    334Weasel Colony buying Dilithium for $296 (118%)
    1 Weaponry vote (Neutral has 0 influence)
    730Hiring hall
    744Hiring hall
    1120Near Space
    1198Ancient Ruins
    1208Ancient Ruins
    1216Ancient Ruins
    1239Ancient Ruins
    1248Ancient Ruins
    1267Ancient Ruins

    Other ships here:

    Lady Black meets Pantera Pardus
    Nemesis meets Hal 200X
    Drehadaxa leftover


    Lady Black (President of WPS ( )
    ComponentTechReliabilityE Yield
    warp drive-424 (U)Exotic98%3
    warp drive-4533 (U)Exotic98%0
    warp drive-5432 Magic99%1
    warp drive-1062 Magic99%3
    warp drive-2528 (U)Exotic99%2
    warp drive-4437 Magic99%1
    warp drive-2106 Magic99%1
    impulse drive-9844 Advanced98%2
    impulse drive-7943 Magic99%0
    impulse drive-4159 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-1611 Exotic99%1
    impulse drive-8482 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-11616 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-11776 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-11626 Magic98%2
    impulse drive-5083 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-3501 Exotic99%0
    impulse drive-13483 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-13192 Exotic98%2
    impulse drive-2708 Exotic98%1
    impulse drive-3531 (U)Exotic98%0
    impulse drive-2950 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-8344 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-3789 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-10875 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-11452 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-7993 Magic99%0
    impulse drive-5358 Exotic98%1
    impulse drive-11805 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-1880 Magic99%0
    impulse drive-8262 Advanced98%2
    impulse drive-2501 Exotic99%3
    impulse drive-10544 Advanced98%2
    impulse drive-7764 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-10478 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-5908 Exotic99%2
    sensor-3710 Magic99%1
    sensor-7496 Exotic99%2
    sensor-9560 Exotic99%0
    sensor-7059 Exotic99%0
    sensor-2811 (U)Exotic97%2
    cloak-740 Advanced99%3
    cloak-3238 Exotic99%2
    cloak-4835 Exotic99%2
    cloak-12347 (U)Advanced98%2
    cloak-8408 Exotic99%1
    cloak-8640 Exotic98%2
    cloak-5785 Magic98%3
    cloak-3701 Exotic99%2
    cloak-1965 Magic99%2
    cloak-3625 Exotic99%0
    cloak-9116 Exotic98%2
    cloak-875 Exotic99%2
    cloak-566 Exotic99%3
    cloak-7474 Exotic99%1
    cloak-4136 Advanced99%0
    cloak-6365 Exotic99%2
    cloak-9158 Exotic99%2
    cloak-12105 Exotic99%2
    cloak-2728 Exotic99%2
    cloak-14138 Exotic99%2
    cloak-13732 Exotic99%2
    cloak-13995 Exotic99%2
    cloak-14139 Exotic99%2
    cloak-13988 Exotic99%2
    cloak-3113 Exotic99%3
    cloak-5646 Exotic98%3
    cloak-580 Magic99%3
    cloak-4111 Exotic99%1
    cloak-459 Magic99%2
    cloak-1959 Magic99%1
    cloak-12117 Exotic99%2
    cloak-6029 Exotic99%3
    life support-6348 Exotic99%2
    life support-6565 Exotic99%2
    life support-1037 Exotic98%3
    life support-1676 Exotic98%2
    life support-4271 Advanced99%3
    sickbay-8434 Magic99%1
    sickbay-8512 Magic99%0
    sickbay-202 Exotic99%1
    shield-2897 (U)Magic98%2
    shield-4617 (U)Exotic98%1
    shield-9624 Magic99%1
    shield-6135 Exotic99%3
    shield-1226 (U)Exotic98%2
    shield-11064 (U)Exotic98%2
    shield-3838 Exotic99%3
    shield-4636 Advanced99%3
    shield-3358 Exotic99%1
    shield-6220 Magic99%0
    shield-6862 Magic99%1
    shield-6935 (U)Exotic98%3
    shield-2057 (U)Magic98%2
    shield-9222 (U)Magic97%0
    ram-2680 Magic99%3
    ram-5666 (U)Exotic98%2
    ram-3179 Exotic99%3
    ram-5867 Exotic99%1
    ram-2384 (U)Exotic98%0
    ram-11710 Advanced99%2
    ram-4019 (U)Exotic98%3
    ram-5865 Exotic99%1
    gun-748 Advanced99%3
    gun-9806 (U)Advanced98%2
    gun-4450 Exotic99%3
    gun-1613 Exotic98%2
    gun-7882 Advanced99%2
    gun-5133 Magic98%1
    gun-8811 Exotic99%2
    gun-7767 Exotic99%0
    gun-5031 Magic99%2
    gun-287 Magic99%2
    gun-7930 Magic99%1
    gun-5098 Exotic99%3
    disruptor-4251 Advanced99%2
    disruptor-1333 Advanced99%3
    disruptor-6417 Advanced98%1
    disruptor-3378 Magic99%2
    disruptor-10520 Advanced99%1
    disruptor-8532 Exotic99%1
    disruptor-8812 Exotic99%2
    laser-1506 Exotic99%1
    laser-11387 (U)Exotic98%3
    laser-7051 (U)Advanced94%1
    laser-7226 Magic99%1
    laser-6915 Magic99%3
    missile-6800 Exotic99%0
    missile-4180 Exotic99%3
    fighter-9350 (U)Exotic97%2
    fighter-1757 Advanced98%3
    fighter-8103 Exotic99%3
    fighter-1235 Advanced99%2
    fighter-14136 Exotic99%2
    fighter-2375 Exotic99%1
    pod-14191 3Empty0
    Quublababloo ClNone123
    Prabubacu SnNone24
    Coogabacha ShNone34
    Dogabaga ShNone6
    Kloogabapra ShNone47
    Janabada WpNone5
    Doodabade SbNone05
    Jacabagi LsNone16

    Holding Troll Medicine Value $270

    Mass = 144, Energy Yield = 204, Torpedo Stock = 0, Cargo capacity: 3

    Warp 52%, Impulse 165%, Sensor 67%, Cloak 264%, Life Support 78%, Sickbay 55%, Shield 121%, Weapon 267%

    Pantera Pardus
    ComponentTechReliabilityE Yield
    warp drive-8533 Advanced99%0
    warp drive-5349 Advanced99%2
    warp drive-10779 Advanced99%2
    warp drive-9711 (U)Advanced98%2
    warp drive-5843 Magic99%2
    warp drive-11288 (U)Advanced98%2
    warp drive-3439 Exotic99%2
    warp drive-10126 (U)Advanced87%2
    impulse drive-13189 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-11223 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-2040 Exotic99%0
    impulse drive-6626 Exotic99%0
    impulse drive-3631 Advanced99%0
    impulse drive-301 Exotic99%3
    impulse drive-13939 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-8861 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-12956 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-6132 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-12102 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-3286 Magic99%0
    impulse drive-736 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-3806 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-7416 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-2872 Magic99%3
    impulse drive-9521 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-6401 Advanced99%3
    impulse drive-9933 (U)Advanced98%2
    impulse drive-9549 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-6412 Exotic99%3
    impulse drive-6221 Magic99%3
    impulse drive-1050 Exotic99%3
    impulse drive-7644 Exotic99%0
    impulse drive-13219 (U)Advanced73%2
    impulse drive-12175 (U)Advanced66%2
    impulse drive-2637 (U)Magic98%1
    impulse drive-7626 (U)Magic87%1
    impulse drive-7052 Exotic99%1
    sensor-7306 Advanced99%0
    sensor-11242 Advanced99%2
    sensor-9824 Advanced99%2
    sensor-9746 Advanced99%2
    cloak-7686 Advanced99%2
    cloak-7613 Advanced99%2
    cloak-9749 Advanced99%2
    cloak-13223 Advanced99%2
    cloak-5471 Advanced99%1
    cloak-5562 Exotic99%3
    cloak-9952 Exotic99%2
    cloak-9970 Exotic99%2
    cloak-10040 Exotic99%2
    cloak-9951 Exotic99%2
    cloak-3102 Exotic99%0
    cloak-5402 Exotic99%0
    cloak-11447 Exotic99%2
    cloak-2910 Magic99%2
    cloak-5534 Magic99%1
    cloak-5903 Magic99%0
    cloak-481 Exotic99%2
    cloak-10141 Exotic99%2
    cloak-3523 Exotic99%2
    cloak-13993 Exotic99%2
    cloak-13891 Exotic99%2
    cloak-14142 Exotic99%2
    cloak-13516 Exotic99%2
    cloak-547 Exotic99%3
    cloak-12160 Exotic99%2
    cloak-3428 Magic99%1
    cloak-7662 Magic99%1
    cloak-9713 Advanced99%2
    cloak-9392 Exotic99%2
    cloak-5299 Exotic99%3
    cloak-504 Exotic99%1
    cloak-656 Magic99%2
    cloak-3560 Magic99%1
    cloak-3305 Magic99%2
    cloak-7961 (U)Exotic98%2
    life support-7338 Exotic99%2
    life support-9810 Advanced99%2
    life support-6927 Magic99%2
    life support-1236 Advanced99%2
    life support-9115 Advanced99%2
    life support-781 Magic99%1
    life support-14000 Magic99%2
    life support-6646 (U)Exotic26%2
    life support-6225 Magic99%2
    life support-160 Magic99%2
    sickbay-4514 (U)Exotic98%3
    sickbay-2127 Magic99%1
    sickbay-5779 Magic99%3
    sickbay-7070 Magic99%3
    shield-13499 Exotic99%2
    shield-7373 Exotic99%1
    shield-13275 Advanced99%2
    shield-13267 Advanced99%2
    shield-13248 Advanced99%2
    shield-1695 Magic99%3
    shield-9920 Advanced99%2
    shield-9346 Magic99%1
    shield-9960 Exotic99%2
    shield-4312 Exotic99%3
    shield-3555 Magic99%1
    ram-2206 (U)Magic99%2
    ram-8946 Exotic99%3
    ram-5992 Magic99%3
    ram-1065 (U)Exotic95%2
    ram-6062 (U)Exotic55%3
    ram-10143 (U)Exotic42%2
    gun-8563 Magic99%2
    gun-6276 Exotic99%1
    gun-4375 Exotic99%3
    gun-7161 Exotic99%0
    gun-8028 Advanced99%1
    gun-9025 Magic99%2
    gun-1159 Magic99%1
    gun-3720 Exotic99%2
    gun-401 Magic99%2
    gun-4673 Magic99%1
    gun-9704 Advanced99%1
    gun-6033 (U)Magic28%0
    gun-7688 (U)Exotic17%2
    disruptor-1128 (U)Exotic99%2
    disruptor-153 Magic99%1
    disruptor-9020 Exotic99%2
    disruptor-998 Exotic99%2
    disruptor-2756 (U)Exotic98%2
    disruptor-8820 Exotic99%3
    disruptor-9380 (U)Exotic98%1
    disruptor-10187 (U)Exotic98%2
    disruptor-8735 Exotic99%3
    disruptor-11563 Exotic99%2
    disruptor-7356 Exotic99%2
    laser-6129 (U)Magic98%0
    laser-2380 (U)Exotic35%2
    missile-9180 (U)Magic98%3
    fighter-6707 Advanced99%1
    fighter-7657 Exotic99%0
    Tablabafu ClNone245
    Zhecabane LsNone07
    Rogabadoo ShNone125
    Vudabadi SbNone15
    Pogababoo ShNone12
    Shububage SnNone06
    Queebibabi IdNone1
    Blonababla WpNone3
    Yenabagra WpNone36

    Holding Worm Medicine Value $650

    Mass = 145, Energy Yield = 199, Torpedo Stock = 0, Cargo capacity: 0

    Warp 49%, Impulse 222%, Sensor 51%, Cloak 277%, Life Support 135%, Sickbay 58%, Shield 145%, Weapon 211%

    Nemesis (Fierce Chosen - )
    ComponentTechReliabilityE Yield
    warp drive-13683 Magic99%2
    warp drive-13170 Magic99%2
    warp drive-1619 Exotic99%1
    warp drive-1496 Advanced99%2
    warp drive-5813 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-13453 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-437 (U)Advanced98%1
    impulse drive-10026 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-8423 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-1840 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-872 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-9484 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-9954 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-10828 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-10027 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-4119 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-12086 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-8699 (U)Advanced98%2
    impulse drive-10819 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-9968 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-4964 Magic99%0
    impulse drive-6246 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-3386 Exotic99%0
    impulse drive-13638 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-3511 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-5010 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-6200 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-5815 Advanced99%2
    impulse drive-8266 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-12420 (U)Advanced98%2
    impulse drive-10535 (U)Advanced92%2
    impulse drive-5485 Magic99%1
    sensor-8246 Advanced99%3
    sensor-3512 Advanced99%2
    sensor-2673 Advanced99%3
    sensor-7174 (U)Advanced98%3
    sensor-7420 Advanced99%3
    sensor-11813 Advanced99%2
    sensor-8341 Advanced99%1
    sensor-13689 Magic99%2
    sensor-8381 Exotic99%3
    sensor-8311 Exotic99%0
    sensor-1416 Exotic99%1
    sensor-13749 Exotic99%2
    sensor-10827 Exotic99%2
    sensor-5674 (U)Exotic98%1
    sensor-12236 Exotic99%2
    sensor-8832 Magic99%2
    sensor-6014 Advanced99%2
    sensor-6101 Advanced99%2
    cloak-11548 (U)Exotic99%2
    cloak-5824 (U)Advanced57%2
    life support-8856 Advanced99%3
    life support-9059 Advanced99%3
    life support-814 Advanced99%2
    life support-2454 Exotic99%2
    life support-2146 Advanced99%1
    life support-6112 Advanced99%2
    life support-5854 Advanced99%2
    life support-11555 Exotic99%2
    sickbay-13624 Magic99%2
    sickbay-13147 Magic99%2
    shield-5914 Advanced99%2
    shield-7266 Advanced99%3
    shield-2958 Mediocre99%2
    shield-4399 Advanced99%1
    shield-7889 Advanced99%1
    shield-6144 Mediocre99%1
    shield-13715 Mediocre99%2
    shield-628 Advanced99%3
    shield-3176 Advanced99%2
    shield-4074 Advanced99%3
    shield-1923 Advanced99%1
    shield-3859 Advanced99%3
    shield-4851 (U)Mediocre92%3
    shield-7508 (U)Exotic96%3
    shield-6866 (U)Advanced92%3
    shield-8587 (U)Advanced85%2
    shield-6967 (U)Advanced77%0
    ram-1438 (U)Magic89%1
    missile-12895 Advanced99%2
    missile-12151 (U)Advanced70%2
    missile-6908 Exotic99%0
    missile-6723 Exotic99%2
    missile-6943 Advanced99%2
    missile-6199 Basic99%2
    missile-1759 (U)Advanced72%1
    missile-9831 (U)Advanced86%3
    drone-2372 Advanced99%3
    drone-10034 Mediocre99%1
    drone-8683 Advanced99%1
    drone-10937 Mediocre99%2
    drone-3713 Advanced99%3
    drone-10198 Exotic99%3
    drone-5191 (U)Advanced70%1
    drone-10211 Advanced99%2
    drone-12161 Advanced99%2
    drone-12171 Advanced99%2
    drone-3810 Advanced99%0
    drone-10051 Basic99%2
    fighter-6615 Mediocre99%3
    fighter-6339 Mediocre99%3
    fighter-6493 Mediocre99%3
    fighter-3435 Advanced99%1
    fighter-8627 Advanced99%0
    fighter-61 Mediocre99%1
    fighter-2824 Advanced99%2
    fighter-12163 Mediocre99%2
    fighter-8401 Mediocre99%2
    fighter-10018 Advanced99%1
    fighter-4378 Exotic99%1
    fighter-2401 Exotic99%1
    fighter-9313 (U)Advanced99%3
    fighter-2280 Exotic99%1
    fighter-2452 Basic99%2
    fighter-7777 Advanced99%3
    Hoblabafi ClNone145
    Xygabapra ShNone47
    Zhibebacoo WdNone124
    Sibubage SnNone06
    Figabagi ShNone16
    Fynababu WpNone2
    Ducabage LsNone06
    Bleebiblabe IdCl0

    Mass = 124, Energy Yield = 182, Torpedo Stock = 1396, Cargo capacity: 0

    Warp 96%, Impulse 211%, Sensor 162%, Cloak 0%, Life Support 124%, Sickbay 30%, Shield 120%, Weapon 213%

    Hal 200X (Captain Haribo, SIR member, Fierce Chosen [] )
    ComponentTechReliabilityE Yield
    warp drive-8369 Advanced99%2
    warp drive-13647 Advanced99%2
    warp drive-2819 Exotic99%1
    warp drive-5647 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-11351 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-10782 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-715 Exotic99%3
    impulse drive-11637 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-12219 Exotic99%2
    impulse drive-3107 Exotic99%3
    impulse drive-8204 (U)Magic98%2
    impulse drive-10840 Magic99%2
    impulse drive-1842 Exotic99%3
    impulse drive-10251 Magic99%2
    sensor-410 Exotic99%2
    cloak-1344 Exotic99%1
    cloak-6705 Exotic99%3
    cloak-9164 Exotic99%2
    cloak-5298 Exotic99%2
    cloak-13234 (U)Exotic98%2
    cloak-13122 Exotic99%2
    cloak-7868 Exotic99%2
    cloak-11244 Exotic99%2
    cloak-6976 Exotic99%1
    cloak-12556 Exotic99%2
    cloak-4106 Exotic99%0
    cloak-4003 Magic99%2
    cloak-6217 (U)Exotic94%2
    cloak-7279 Exotic99%1
    cloak-2887 Exotic99%2
    cloak-3677 Magic99%0
    cloak-3441 (U)Magic99%1
    cloak-2555 Exotic99%1
    life support-12509 Advanced99%2
    life support-12698 Advanced99%2
    life support-6312 Exotic99%2
    sickbay-6047 Magic99%1
    sickbay-8720 Magic99%1
    sickbay-3683 Magic99%1
    sickbay-4446 Magic99%2
    shield-5796 Advanced99%2
    shield-12998 Advanced99%2
    shield-979 Advanced99%3
    shield-12215 Advanced99%1
    shield-3529 Advanced99%1
    shield-12252 Exotic99%2
    shield-2755 Advanced99%0
    shield-6970 Magic99%1
    shield-7449 (U)Exotic77%2
    shield-7293 Exotic99%2
    shield-6338 (U)Exotic42%2
    shield-5457 (U)Advanced88%0
    shield-6835 Exotic99%1
    ram-1206 Exotic99%1
    ram-221 Advanced99%2
    ram-2861 Exotic99%3
    ram-1370 Advanced99%3
    ram-8105 (U)Exotic42%2
    ram-7935 (U)Exotic41%2
    ram-6032 Exotic99%2
    ram-2524 Exotic99%0
    gun-13591 Advanced99%2
    gun-6805 Advanced99%0
    gun-5968 Magic99%0
    gun-8466 Magic99%1
    gun-705 Advanced99%3
    gun-4297 Advanced99%3
    gun-3647 Magic99%3
    disruptor-1118 Advanced99%2
    disruptor-1654 (U)Exotic65%3
    disruptor-5465 (U)Advanced57%2
    disruptor-846 (U)Advanced98%2
    disruptor-2241 Magic99%3
    disruptor-7086 Exotic99%3
    laser-8926 Advanced99%0
    laser-3374 Exotic99%1
    laser-7699 Advanced99%2
    laser-11623 Magic99%3
    laser-10764 Exotic99%1
    laser-3642 Advanced99%3
    laser-7002 Advanced99%3
    laser-6510 Advanced99%3
    missile-2096 (U)Advanced61%1
    missile-6358 Exotic99%0
    drone-6647 (U)Advanced57%3
    pod-13702 4Dilithium1
    pod-8134 5Windows (!)1
    Dagabapre ShNone047
    Klocabage LsNone06
    Chigabanu ShNone27
    Senabare WpNone057
    Quonababla WpNone3
    Cebibapu IdNone237
    Cadabani SbNone17
    Choobubacu SnNone24

    Holding Penguin Medicine Value $630

    Mass = 97, Energy Yield = 126, Torpedo Stock = 0, Cargo capacity: 9

    Warp 60%, Impulse 160%, Sensor 24%, Cloak 139%, Life Support 64%, Sickbay 118%, Shield 153%, Weapon 276%

    Drehadaxa (Slave of the Wise Prophet )
    ComponentTechReliabilityE Yield
    warp drive-3488 Basic99%0
    warp drive-9788 Advanced99%0
    warp drive-2901 Mediocre99%2
    warp drive-2763 Mediocre99%3
    impulse drive-9917 Advanced98%2
    sensor-5404 Mediocre98%2
    sensor-10443 Advanced98%2
    sensor-2252 Mediocre95%1
    sensor-1639 (U)Mediocre94%2
    sensor-6549 Advanced99%1
    life support-4444 Basic95%0
    life support-5870 Basic95%1
    sickbay-6383 Basic99%3
    shield-5829 Advanced99%0
    shield-4513 (U)Advanced94%1
    laser-6333 Advanced95%0
    missile-1645 Basic96%3
    drone-4812 Mediocre95%0
    drone-4365 Mediocre99%3
    drone-7673 Mediocre99%2
    fighter-7700 Basic96%0
    fighter-13877 Mediocre99%2
    pod-3411 3Old Songs1

    Mass = 24, Energy Yield = 27, Torpedo Stock = 0, Cargo capacity: 3

    Warp 65%, Impulse 31%, Sensor 69%, Cloak 0%, Life Support 24%, Sickbay 16%, Shield 34%, Weapon 101%

    Religious Favour

    You are one of The Fierce One's Chosen and gain 40 extra favour at Olympus
  • Engineering: 53
  • Science: 128
  • Medical: 313
  • Weaponry: 122

    Odin's Raven has named you as their ally
    Starnet hacking benefits are:

  • Free crew training for Science crew
  • Free crew training for Medical crew


    You control 1 Presidential votes
    Pixie colony (210) at Tauri18


    Total pay for crew and mercenaries is $112

    (ending turn at star system Olympus with $20955 of energy and crew health of 99.9%

    Engineering (Skill 55)
    Science (Skill 53)
    Medical (Skill 54)
    Weaponry (Skill 52)
    Jump To:
    or by name from starmap, eg S#48
    Minor Options
    Interaction with Nemesis
    Diplomatic Option Demands
    Combat Strategy Gifts
    Ideal Range Targetted
    Retreat Threshold Protected
    Torpedo Fire Rate Hunt/Hide Tactics

    Mercenary Actions

    Next unit available for hire is the Scorpii Jump 'Mechs
    To hire them, use either or both of these menus to bid salary you'll pay them PER TURN:

    A contract for next turn is offered at Caph
    The terrain is ocean, fee is $240
    To win it, be at Caph at the end of next turn with the strongest mercenary force, allowing for terrain bonuses/penalties

    Flag to Display

    (No HTML allowed. Images can be accessed as a special case, but only from the server's images directory, uploaded via your w++ account page. To set one of these images as your banner, use the hash character and its filename, eg #deathstar.gif)

    Press/Rumours for next issue of Subspace Times


    Signed Hal 200X

    Signed Anonymous

    TESTING NEW CODE - THIS MENU HAS NO EFFECT THIS TURN: Choose ship to be chased by Evil Dybuk, or choose Angel Protection to vote against any ship being chased


    Links to Useful Resources - Don't Die of Ignorance!

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