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Various tips


On this page I will place advices of which I think they don't really belong to one of the other points or of which I think they are so improtant that I mention them here again.


Place your e-mail in you flag. Most players prefer using normal mail above anon mail, and it is polite to hand them the way of communicating they want.

Read the rules before you start playing and check everything you don't understand in the rules. This way you will learn the game well, and the better you understand the game, the better you will do.

Join an alliance or information sharing group. This way you will likely find most of the needed information on one location. This saves you the effort and time of finding several sites which provide the same information together.

Always hail the ship you are paired with, also if you have nothing to say. Some ships will shoot non-hailing ships with no other reason than the radio silence.

If you don't understand something, first check the rules before you ask another ship. Most ships don't like answering questions with answers mentioned in the rules.

Do not spend your pocketmoney on schools at the beginning. Save it for trade goods, a warp and a pod.

Try to distinguish "in-character" and "out-character". You might be sitting in the US, but you play the role of a captain on a starship in a galaxy. For example, out-character I am happy with the UPF. They provide some nice player-player interaction. In-character I think they are a bunch of bullies who made up some laws to give them a reason to pirate other ships who never vowed to those laws.

Most of the game happens in your mailbox, since communicating with other ships will be of great importance. Make sure to check your mail more than once each turn if possible.

Be carefull making many enemies alien races in the beginning. Most of the aliens will outgun you and you don't want to pair with an angry alien when you aren't capable of returning fire.

Start hiring crew as soon as you can afford to carry a lifesupport. You will need the crew for adventures and it is a waste of time when you have to wait for enough crew to do some adventures.

Read the SST. You will get a lot of information out of it if you read it every turn.

Communicate with the Tribune, he is the one who should stand up for your rights. To ensure his position, he will also be willing to give advice or help.

When you see a bigger ship carrying the same tradegood as you are planning to sell, e-mail him to ask if he plans to sell it and say you are planning to sell and hoping the price won't be ruined. Not all, but some ships will be so polite not to sell the tradegood, so you can have a good price.

Try to drink when you are thirsty and try to eat when you are hungry.

When you are small, the risk of being paired with a UPF ship while smuggling is small, since most of them are really big and contraband-buying systems mostly crowded. Making a jump between buying and selling greatly increases this risk, since that other system might not be crowded.

Don't build up to much impulse in the beginning. You will likely meet aliens most of the times, and as soon as you have more impulse, they will kamikaze and do mayor damage to your hull. It is wise however to build some impulse once you have a nice little alien hunting vessel, but the best strategy is to maintain them to 99%, but keep them broken, until the moment arrives that you switch from combat vs aliens to combat vs players.

Seek contact with the Prophets. Especially the Wise and the Merciful Prophets, usually have not much chosens, as not many people are interested in being Wise or Merciful chosen. When they are politely asked they will very likely pick you as one of their chosens. And the benefits are far better than the disadvantages, as there are none.

As long as you are small, you can always "hide between aliens" if there's a hostile vessel after you. Just jump to an alien homeworld with alien ships bigger than you are.

More to come when I think of more.

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