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Tribune of the People

All ships younger than 100 turns have a vote, which you can use every turn to elect a Tribune of the People. The Tribune is the spokesmen of all young ships. When you grant me your vote and I become the Tribune, I will at least pursuit the following goals:

# Request the needed modules to be restocked in the shops. I will only request basics, since I think primitives are not usefull enough and it takes a short time to be able to maintain basic modules. In order of importance and thus the order I will request them is:
Life supports
Long range weapons (fighter/drone/missile/laser)

# Be available for advice and help at any time. I will also stock modules which I would normally scrap or sell to hand them over as gifts.

# Welcome all new players and give them some leads to make a good start.

# When a common problem for the young ships arrises, I will act as spokesmen and try to find a sollution.

# Disqualify ministers that make it hard for us young ships to reach our goals (all current ministers have proven that they do not obstuct young ships and even help them a great deal, so this point is not one of which I think I will use it).
I talked about this subject with the President and we agreed that there are ships we wouldn't approve. If such a ship becomes candidate, I will discuss it first with the President before I will disqualify him. Whenever somebody feels a candidate is not suitable, he can let me know and I will discuss it with the President.

# Try to find out what the common perspectives of the young ships on major subjects are. Though it might be difficult to agree on some subjects, I think we stand stronger when we try to agree. Since I am currently in the position of Tribune, I suggest everybody should join the The Yahoo Newbies Group so we have a platform to disguss everything.

# I will promote giving aid to young ships by dybuk protection, academy protection, giving modules or advice or any help by other means.

Ok, if you have visited pages of other candidates, you will notice almost everybody has the same idea's. I hope I can make the difference by performing my tasks very active. For the time I am Tribune, my goal will not be building my own ship, but the wellbeing and progress of all young ships.
If you have any comment or questions, feel free to make contact (

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