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Hal 200X


Hal 200X is a registered hostile vessel and follower of the Fierce One.
Though Hal 200X is generally peacefull to good captains, those who fail to show their skills risk an attack. In my opinion the ability to communicate and to design and build a proper ship make a good captain. So those who remain silent or those with poorly designed ships are the ones at risk.
My hailing frequency is open to anyone in need of help, advice or just a conversation [].

The story behind Hal 200X

Stardate 1678.9 (turn 1006), after graduating on the Elven Galactic Traveler's Academy on Betelgeuse, a young graduated student sold all his belongings and bought him a small scrappy spaceship.
This captain, Haribo, had just bought the surviving bits of a spaceship from the brand Hal. In fact it was one of the early models leading to the famous Hal 9000.
That same day Hal 200X left Betelgeuse and arrived in Achernar on stardate 1679.1, to fill his pod with snowmen. At this time the ship showed what he made of... scrap. The warp drive broke so Hal 200X was stuck on Achernar for another of turn.
It was clear the ship had to undergo major changes very soon so after selling the snowmen on Schedar Hal 200X jumped to Barnard to buy webpages. Here disaster struck again. The warp drive broke and broke again. Now it was time to really purchase a proper warpdrive, and so he did. Using his fresh warpdrive Haribo began collecting some funds to build his ship.
With some help from other captains and a bit of trading Hal 200X grew rapidly. While the first goal of Haribo was to get some sensor, the first modules he found were mainly weaponry. But using his shiny weaponry he managed to persuade some aliens to gift him the modules he wanted. So around stardate 1681.4 Hal 200X set out to star #24 to start adventuring. Hopping around through the galaxy Haribo quickly learned how to manage his ship well and these lessons resulted in even better results for the growth of his ship. Then on stardate 1688.2 (turn 1044) the Tribune of the People at that time (Sword of Damocles) reached the age of 100 turns, forcing him to step down. Haribo seized this opportunity and ran a campaign to become the new Tribune of the People and with succes. From his 38th turn until his 100th turn, Hal 200X was most of the time sighted at remote stars to pair newbies and to do some adventures. In his 100th turn almost all adventures were completed and the focus of Haribo has shifted towards trading for his academy trainings and the building of a proper combat capable vessel.
After playing for 100 turns, this was what Hal 200X looked like:

Hal 200X turn 1106
ComponentTechReliabilityE Yield
warp drive-11404 Mediocre99%2
warp drive-11181 Mediocre99%2
warp drive-11122 Mediocre99%2
warp drive-10960 Mediocre99%2
warp drive-9788 (U)Advanced98%0
warp drive-8369 Advanced99%2
warp drive-8179 Mediocre99%1
warp drive-13588 (U)Advanced82%2
warp drive-13644 (U)Advanced99%2
warp drive-13647 (U)Advanced57%2
impulse drive-7438 (U)Exotic83%2
impulse drive-6699 (U)Exotic52%2
impulse drive-11351 (U)Exotic61%2
sensor-9348 Mediocre99%2
sensor-10201 Advanced99%2
sensor-7626 Mediocre99%1
sensor-7812 (U)Exotic61%2
sensor-2290 Mediocre99%2
sensor-9639 Mediocre99%2
sensor-10136 Mediocre99%2
sensor-9834 Mediocre99%2
sensor-9737 Mediocre99%2
sensor-11127 Mediocre99%2
sensor-2884 Advanced99%0
cloak-13625 (U)Advanced42%2
cloak-6669 Advanced74%1
life support-4332 Advanced99%1
life support-168 Advanced99%2
sickbay-5563 Mediocre99%0
sickbay-2319 Advanced99%1
shield-3368 Mediocre99%2
shield-450 (U)Mediocre74%2
shield-2519 (U)Mediocre79%1
shield-8154 Mediocre99%1
shield-122 Mediocre99%1
shield-5796 Advanced99%2
laser-2053 Mediocre99%3
laser-5446 (U)Mediocre97%1
laser-2808 (U)Advanced86%3
missile-2312 Mediocre99%3
missile-3618 Mediocre99%0
missile-2432 Mediocre99%0
missile-2096 (U)Advanced61%1
drone-9906 Mediocre99%2
drone-3299 Mediocre99%3
drone-1851 (U)Mediocre74%1
drone-5401 (U)Mediocre98%2
drone-8899 Advanced99%1
drone-2598 Advanced89%3
drone-620 Mediocre94%1
fighter-939 Mediocre99%3
fighter-7701 Advanced99%1
pod-10351 3Quad Trees1
pod-5972 2Empty0
pod-13702 4Web Pages3
pod-8801 3Empty0
Senabare WpNone057
Dagabipre ShId047
Zhybubadoo SnNone125
Klocabige LsId06
Jubebica WdId4

Mass = 65, Energy Yield = 59, Torpedo Stock = 0, Cargo capacity: 12

Warp 90%, Impulse 0%, Sensor 127%, Cloak 19%, Life Support 58%, Sickbay 33%, Shield 76%, Weapon 133%

After being an independent Tribune for 62 turns, Haribo had no need anymore to stay neutral. So on stardate 1703.6 he decided to join the ranks of the SIR alliance. From this point on, Hal 200X grew even faster than before. With no need to meet smaller captains anymore, Haribo could finally set sail for the more profitable starsystems to do some trading and shopping runs.
Then on stardate 1714.6, entering orders for the 150th time, the Great Old Ones provided Haribo with his first real test. They arranged a hostile pair with Wolf and after failed negotiations, combat took place. For those interested in the results of Hal 200X's first battle, you can find them here.
Though the Hal 200X lost many important weaponry modules, the losses where not that big a disaster. After a couple of well planned jumps, the weaponry systems came online rapidly and in turn 1180 the Fierce One granted Haribo the privileges of being his Chosen.
Being chosen, gave Haribo the chance to take his time rebuilding his ship, and so he did. After playing for just 215 turns, the excessive growth of Hal 200X resulted in reaching the overall nr 1 position and sneak up for the first time in the top 20 biggest ship list. This was the 215 turns old vessel that did the trick:

Hal 200X turn 1221
ComponentTechReliabilityE Yield
warp drive-9788 Advanced99%0
warp drive-8369 Advanced99%2
warp drive-13588 (U)Advanced98%2
warp drive-13647 Advanced99%2
warp drive-2819 Exotic99%1
warp drive-12199 Advanced99%2
warp drive-13644 (U)Advanced90%2
impulse drive-7438 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-11351 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-13922 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-3307 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-8727 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-13161 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-13154 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-12744 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-2641 Advanced99%3
impulse drive-11445 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-6766 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-8191 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-8035 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-8409 (U)Advanced98%0
impulse drive-10782 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-715 Exotic99%3
impulse drive-11637 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-12219 (U)Exotic99%2
impulse drive-12227 (U)Advanced52%2
impulse drive-4451 Advanced99%1
impulse drive-3383 Advanced99%1
impulse drive-1842 Exotic99%3
impulse drive-3107 Exotic99%3
impulse drive-13203 (U)Advanced84%2
impulse drive-12681 (U)Advanced80%2
impulse drive-13254 (U)Advanced72%2
sensor-10201 Advanced99%2
sensor-12253 (U)Advanced98%2
sensor-13462 (U)Advanced98%2
sensor-13168 Advanced99%2
sensor-3269 Magic99%0
sensor-7532 Advanced99%2
cloak-9358 (U)Advanced98%2
cloak-7830 Advanced99%3
cloak-11168 (U)Advanced98%2
cloak-1344 Exotic99%1
cloak-10894 (U)Advanced98%2
cloak-11030 Advanced99%3
cloak-48 Advanced99%3
cloak-3346 Advanced99%2
cloak-11956 Advanced99%2
cloak-6705 Exotic99%3
cloak-9164 Exotic99%2
cloak-5298 (U)Exotic83%2
cloak-13234 (U)Exotic74%2
cloak-34 (U)Exotic65%3
cloak-2710 (U)Magic72%2
cloak-13122 Exotic99%2
cloak-13233 (U)Exotic98%2
cloak-7868 Exotic99%2
cloak-7811 Exotic99%2
cloak-11244 Exotic99%2
cloak-12780 (U)Exotic65%2
cloak-1407 (U)Exotic62%2
cloak-13136 (U)Exotic61%2
cloak-13187 (U)Advanced68%2
cloak-13202 (U)Advanced59%2
cloak-13183 (U)Advanced54%2
cloak-8033 Advanced99%2
cloak-6976 Exotic99%1
cloak-8412 Advanced99%2
cloak-7858 Advanced99%0
life support-4332 Advanced99%1
life support-168 (U)Advanced99%2
life support-12509 Advanced99%2
life support-12698 Advanced99%2
sickbay-2319 Advanced99%1
sickbay-6627 Exotic99%3
sickbay-616 Magic99%1
sickbay-3683 Magic99%1
sickbay-6047 Magic99%1
sickbay-4446 Magic99%2
sickbay-8720 Magic99%1
shield-8154 Mediocre99%1
shield-122 Mediocre99%1
shield-5796 Advanced99%2
shield-12998 Advanced99%2
shield-979 Advanced99%3
shield-9413 Advanced99%2
shield-11796 Advanced99%3
shield-12215 Advanced99%1
shield-4706 Advanced99%0
shield-11480 Exotic99%2
shield-12672 (U)Advanced49%2
shield-3529 Advanced99%1
shield-12252 Exotic99%2
gun-13591 Advanced99%2
gun-4003 Advanced99%3
disruptor-1982 Advanced99%1
disruptor-8149 Exotic99%3
disruptor-5940 Exotic99%1
disruptor-1118 Advanced99%2
disruptor-4128 (U)Magic42%1
laser-1734 Advanced99%0
laser-8439 Advanced99%0
laser-8926 Advanced99%0
laser-6889 (U)Exotic51%3
laser-2828 Advanced99%3
laser-3642 Advanced99%3
laser-6354 Advanced99%0
laser-5267 Mediocre99%0
laser-3374 Exotic99%1
laser-7658 Advanced99%3
laser-8781 Mediocre99%1
laser-9769 Exotic99%2
laser-7699 Advanced99%2
laser-11623 (U)Magic74%3
laser-10620 (U)Exotic77%1
missile-2096 (U)Advanced61%1
missile-2078 Advanced99%1
drone-511 Advanced99%3
drone-9393 Advanced99%3
drone-3817 Exotic99%3
drone-8438 Advanced99%2
drone-5347 (U)Advanced99%3
fighter-853 Advanced99%2
fighter-5972 Mediocre99%3
fighter-7104 Mediocre99%0
fighter-7886 (U)Advanced63%3
fighter-9851 Advanced99%2
fighter-6511 Mediocre99%3
fighter-11457 Mediocre99%2
fighter-2719 Mediocre99%0
pod-9097 4New Tricks4
pod-12862 4Ninja Beer4
pod-13651 4Eye Robots1
pod-13702 4Windows (!)1
Dagabapre ShNone047
Zhybubadoo SnNone125
Klocabage LsNone06
Chigabanu ShNone27
Senabare WpNone057
Groobibable IdNone03
Vablababla ClNone3
Cidabaca SbNone4

Holding Rabbit Medicine Value $620

Mass = 152, Energy Yield = 173, Torpedo Stock = 180, Cargo capacity: 16

Warp 43%, Impulse 178%, Sensor 55%, Cloak 148%, Life Support 36%, Sickbay 121%, Shield 118%, Weapon 190%


Captain Haribo
A young ambitious graduate from the Elven Galactic Traveler's Academy. He is smart young elf, an adventure seeker in search of joy and wisdom. He is a good man, always willing to help persons in distress
He talks a lot, likes ninja beers and chocolate.
He is the commander onboard Hal 200X and was the Tribune of the People for 62 turns (1044 until 1106).

Gimble Beagallon
A tiny middle aged man, acting asif he were a child. Expert in electronics and mechanics, though you never know what your are going to get. He attempted many studies at the Betelgeuse University but never completed a single one. He met Haribo during one of these studies and joined his crew when Hal 200X left. When off duty he can be found in the pods containing scrap looking for parts or in his workshop building something.
He likes twinkly lights, robotics and building eye robots in his spare time.
Engineering officer onboard Hal 200X.

A wise old Elf. He used to be an astrologer on Betelgeuse, but decided he wanted to explore the galaxy on one of the many spaceships. In Haribo he found a captain with the same ambition. So he waited until the captain was graduated and joined the crew. Exploring the skies for centuries, KhanDee is a man of great wisdom.
He is a man of little words, likes to listen to old songs while drinking his cup of tea.
Science officer and lieutenant commander onboard Hal 200X.

Svilia Adunair
A hansom young woman. She is a calm person who likes to be in company of others. It is very hard not to like her, since she is always nice and polite. She is alway found there where people are at risk, to help and assist. When off duty she likes to drink a Ninja beer, while playing a boardgame, having a conversation, listening to an old song or watching a video.
She met Haribo when she was studiing medicin on the Betelgeuse University. They graduated in the same year and Haribo asked her to join the crew the day he bought Hal 200X.
Medical officer onboard Hal 200X and Chosen of the Merciful One.

Brogar Lugart
A quiet man. Nobody knows really where he comes from. He joined the crew at precisely the moment they left Betelgeuse and Haribo never told anything about him. He moves around the spaceship almost unseen and nobody knows what he's up to. He is an expert when it comes to sneaky things, bloody things or mean things.
Though nobody really knows what he likes, he seems to prever everything that is forbidden.
Weaponry officer onboard Hal 200X.

From the various lowerranked crewmembers onboard there is only one interesting enough to mention.
Elijah Elorian
A young girl by looks, but she says she is 123 years old. Though she often still acts like a child, her advices prove she has far more live experience than an ordinary child. She is a great storyteller and a friend of every crewmember onboard.
She seems to like almost everything, but especially alchemy.
Elijah runs the bar onboard Hal 200X and is famous for her cocktails and various obscure brews.

My ships hailing frequency is

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