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One of the mayor factors in TBG is the interaction between players. This interaction is done by email offcoarse. When turns are running 3 times a week, it is necessary to check your email at least once every turn. Most of the communication takes place the day between the turns, since most people will by that time have seen their turn and checked their mail. The most common communication form is hailing. Also the Subspace Times is an important communication channel. You should also make contact with all prophets, check the Religion and politics section for some more info about this.


Hailing the ship you are paired with is almost a must. When hailed politely they will often grant you advice, information or even modules. If you do not hail (or don't respond his/her hail, which is worse) you risk being shot (not all players do this). Hailing the other ships in the system with whom you are not paired is also advisable. You will make yourself known to a great number of players, make friends and get loads of advice. Most players display their email address in their flag, if they don't have that, you can use anon mail to contact them. With anon mail (the utilities link on the bottom of your tbg page) you can send an anonymous message to another ship. Don't forget to name your ship in an anon mail or give an email address since he can't straightly reply an anon mail. Since most players don't like anon mail, and because I think you also don't, I advise you to put your email address in your flag. Besides the fact that you can't reply on an anon mail, it also requires to be typed in HTML. For those who don't know HTML, the only thing you have to know is to put (br), but with pointy hooks instead of round ones <> whenever you want to skip a line.

Subspace Times

You probably have already read the Subspace Times (SST), keep doing so. Just by reading it you can figur out a lot about shops, politics, religion, alliances, pirates and a lot about other players. Well, I think that list is long enough to inspire you to read it. Posting in the SST is easy (and obvious). At the bottom of your TBG page there are 3 boxes in which you can type your post. The first one signing your email address (linked), the second signing your ship (linked to anon mail), the last anonymous.
All the rumours placed in the SST should be typed in HTML as well. So NEVER use "enter" in your text, but always the HTML way of skipping a line. It'll mess up the whole SST if you don't.


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