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To Boldly Go - Starship Hal 200X, Turn 1155

(starting turn at star system Olympus with $11426 of energy, playing since turn 1006)

Sector 39/19, Star system Rastaban (Clear terrain):

Locations in this system

110Cat Colony buying Dilithium for $524 (209%)
1 Science vote (Twenty Minuteman has 61 influence)
112Cat Colony buying Ray-guns (!) for $820 (205%)
1 Science vote (Annushka Moya has 5 influence)
191Penguin Colony buying Winegums for $195 (195%)
1 Science vote (Frantagol has 73 influence)
202Pig Colony buying Emperors' New Clothes for $280 (140%)
1 Medical vote (Frantagol has 207 influence)
259Turtle Colony buying Lists for $250 (200%)
1 Science vote (Far Star has 57 influence)
266Vole Colony buying Emperors' New Clothes for $280 (140%)
1 Science vote (Far Star has 61 influence)
360Comet Cloud
422Stellar Coronasphere, danger 60%
523Deep Space
560Deep Space
606Factory selling Tea for $100 each
923Minefield, danger 0%
936Minefield, danger 61%
1097Near Space
1399Stargate to Deneb (Key 0)
1430Starnet Terminal #2
89Deep Space Adventure 2 in Science, needs skill 25 (57%)
120Moon Adventure 2 in Science, needs skill 24 (35%)
217Deep Space Adventure 2 in Weaponry, needs skill 25 (40%)

Other ships here:

Wolf meets Hal 200X
White Rider leftover


ComponentTechReliabilityE Yield
warp drive-5281 Exotic99%3
warp drive-1668 Exotic99%1
warp drive-2819 Exotic99%1
warp drive-14455 (U)Mediocre93%2
warp drive-14414 (U)Mediocre81%2
impulse drive-6246 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-2641 Advanced99%3
impulse drive-715 Exotic99%3
impulse drive-9968 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-11771 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-1313 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-7838 Exotic99%3
impulse drive-3839 Magic99%2
impulse drive-12242 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-12219 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-11445 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-14454 (U)Mediocre69%2
impulse drive-14457 (U)Mediocre66%2
sensor-2978 Basic98%2
sensor-687 Exotic98%1
sensor-3269 Magic99%0
sensor-1865 Exotic99%2
sensor-11219 Exotic99%2
sensor-13634 Advanced99%2
sensor-13458 Advanced99%2
sensor-14456 (U)Mediocre58%2
cloak-11278 Exotic99%2
cloak-1837 Exotic99%3
cloak-4054 Exotic99%2
cloak-13517 Advanced99%2
cloak-14421 (U)Mediocre50%2
life support-9558 Exotic99%2
life support-2895 Advanced99%1
life support-14428 (U)Mediocre40%2
sickbay-4513 Exotic99%2
sickbay-8629 Magic99%1
sickbay-9889 Exotic99%1
shield-8200 Magic99%1
shield-6540 Exotic99%2
shield-10101 (U)Magic36%0
shield-4202 Mediocre99%1
shield-8111 Magic99%2
shield-5343 Exotic99%2
shield-13614 (U)Advanced45%2
shield-14449 (U)Mediocre36%2
ram-6555 Exotic99%1
gun-827 Exotic99%2
gun-930 Magic99%1
gun-1700 (U)Exotic35%1
disruptor-2830 Magic99%3
disruptor-1843 (U)Magic51%1
laser-8779 Advanced99%0
laser-8853 Advanced99%2
laser-1964 Exotic99%2
laser-14494 (U)Mediocre31%2
missile-1934 Mediocre99%1
missile-1420 Exotic99%3
missile-14459 (U)Mediocre29%2
drone-1343 Mediocre99%1
drone-12603 Mediocre99%2
drone-1094 Exotic99%2
drone-1361 Exotic99%1
drone-1545 Exotic99%1
drone-10127 Mediocre99%2
drone-13770 (U)Advanced41%2
drone-14460 (U)Mediocre26%2
fighter-13696 Advanced99%2
fighter-13772 Advanced99%2
fighter-14499 (U)Mediocre13%2
fighter-14458 (U)Mediocre 9%2
pod-10267 3Puddings2
pod-13921 4Dilithium2
pod-14502 3Snowmen3
Chigabanu ShNone27
Yibubage SnNone06
Pydabaga SbNone6
Yeeblabany ClNone027
Teebibaby IdNone02
Gybebadra WdNone35
Vicabaca LsNone4
Trinabaga WpNone6

Holding Lizard Heavy prisoner

Mass = 88, Energy Yield = 93, Torpedo Stock = 36, Cargo capacity: 10

Warp 82%, Impulse 163%, Sensor 132%, Cloak 105%, Life Support 49%, Sickbay 90%, Shield 109%, Weapon 202%

Hal 200X (Sir Captain Haribo. Hailing frequency: )
ComponentTechReliabilityE Yield
warp drive-9788 Advanced99%0
warp drive-8369 Advanced99%2
warp drive-13588 Advanced99%2
warp drive-13644 Advanced99%2
warp drive-13647 Advanced99%2
warp drive-12199 Advanced99%2
impulse drive-7438 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-11351 Exotic99%2
impulse drive-13922 (U)Advanced99%2
impulse drive-12227 (U)Advanced99%2
impulse drive-3307 (U)Exotic99%2
impulse drive-8727 (U)Advanced98%2
impulse drive-4718 (U)Exotic99%0
impulse drive-13161 (U)Advanced99%2
impulse drive-13154 (U)Advanced99%2
impulse drive-11637 (U)Exotic99%2
impulse drive-12744 (U)Advanced99%2
sensor-10201 Advanced99%2
sensor-12253 Advanced99%2
sensor-12665 Advanced99%2
sensor-2884 Advanced99%0
sensor-13462 Advanced98%2
sensor-13168 Advanced99%2
sensor-11943 Exotic99%2
cloak-13625 Advanced99%2
cloak-12480 Advanced99%2
cloak-13456 (U)Advanced55%2
cloak-13475 (U)Advanced45%2
life support-4332 Advanced99%1
life support-168 Advanced99%2
life support-8996 Advanced99%3
life support-12509 Advanced99%2
life support-12698 Advanced99%2
sickbay-2319 Advanced99%1
sickbay-12512 Advanced99%2
shield-3368 Mediocre98%2
shield-8154 Mediocre99%1
shield-122 Mediocre99%1
shield-5796 Advanced98%2
shield-12998 Advanced98%2
shield-979 Advanced99%3
shield-9413 Advanced99%2
shield-11020 Exotic99%0
shield-11796 (U)Advanced77%3
shield-12215 Advanced99%1
shield-4706 Advanced99%0
shield-11480 (U)Exotic79%2
gun-13591 (U)Advanced87%2
laser-2808 Advanced99%3
laser-5547 Mediocre98%1
laser-9276 Exotic99%0
laser-1734 Advanced99%0
laser-8439 (U)Advanced98%0
laser-8926 (U)Advanced86%0
laser-6889 (U)Exotic51%3
laser-6775 Advanced99%0
laser-6281 Exotic99%1
missile-2312 Mediocre99%3
missile-2432 Mediocre99%0
missile-2096 (U)Advanced61%1
missile-2249 Advanced99%2
missile-12552 (U)Exotic77%2
drone-9906 Mediocre99%2
drone-8899 Advanced98%1
drone-2598 Advanced99%3
drone-10238 Advanced99%2
drone-4106 Exotic99%2
drone-8409 Exotic98%0
drone-511 Advanced98%3
drone-8961 Exotic99%1
drone-12544 (U)Exotic70%2
drone-12510 (U)Exotic69%2
drone-10179 (U)Advanced98%2
fighter-939 Mediocre99%3
fighter-5790 Exotic99%1
fighter-11775 Exotic98%2
pod-10351 3Empty0
pod-13702 4Beards1
pod-8801 3Eye Robots1
pod-9097 4Winegums4
pod-12862 4Eye Robots4
pod-9685 3Ray-guns (!)2
pod-12789 3Chocolate2
pod-13651 4Lists2
Senabare WpNone057
Dagabipre ShId047
Zhybubadoo SnNone125
Klocabige LsId06
Jubebica WdId4
Vablabiboo ClId12
Groobibable IdNone03

Holding Bird Heavy prisoner

Mass = 107, Energy Yield = 87, Torpedo Stock = 0, Cargo capacity: 28

Warp 108%, Impulse 22%, Sensor 115%, Cloak 36%, Life Support 90%, Sickbay 24%, Shield 120%, Weapon 186%