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Making use of the "inferior" product, MS Paint



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It all starts here

This is the start of a movement, a movement in paint, the tool of the real artists. Only joking , this site is just a few doodles I created in paint, which I just have to let the world see. Heres the first one : B-ball Beard

My rendition of a classical masterpiece created by Mr. Da Vinci: Mona Lisa

Another installment of "The Meads" is now available here: The Meads, Part 2

Heres another cartoon strip inspired by Beard's injury to his thumb earlier on, in real life : Thumb Wars

My creativity seems to be null at the moment, I'm feeling a bit down, and this is an expression of that : Transformation

Here is a brand spanking new cartoon,(ROLL THE MOUSE OVER THE PICTURE) with some new characters, Ball and Rob: No Hands

Here's a cartoon from a new cartoonist, Swede . Over 18's only: The Naivity of Women

Being creative is the key to producing these works. You've also got to have quite a bit of time on your hands, which I sure have.

K.Philla ©