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Fall 2003 Cycle

Main Gear

Weeks 1-5 -- Winny 50 mg. ED
Weeks 1-10 -- Primobolan -- 600 mg/Week
Week 1-10 -- Sustanon -- 250 mg/Week
Week 10 -- Winny 50 mg. ED

Post Cycle Therapy

1500 iu HCG EOD First 10 Days of P.C.T.
40 mg/day Nolvadex ED for 4 weeks beginning 3 weeks after last shot of Sustanon.


At Least 300 g/ED of Protein
Limited but not eliminated Carbohydrate Intake
Extremely Limited Fat Intake. Never more than 10 g/day
3000 mg/ED Glucosamine Sulfate
2400 mg./ED Chondrotin Sulfate
1000 mg./ED MSM
(above blue items for joint health)

1 Multi-Vitamin/ED
750 mg./ED Milk Thistle for Liver Protection
3000 mg./ED Methylcellulose Fiber Therapy
1000 mg./ED Hydroxycitric acid
100 mg./ED L-Carnitine
240 mg./ED of each Parsley, Sage, & Kelp
200 mg/ ED Buchu
80 mg./ED Potassium
200 mg./ED Uva Ursi
40 mg./ED Juniper


4 Days/Week Weight Training. A focus in my training is placed on many "cutting" muscles that are often overlooked such as forearms, abs, and calves. All body parts are trained each week.

3 Days/Week Cardio training. 2 Days are medium paced (very fast walk) style cardio for approx. 45 minutes. 1 Day of Cardio. is short-burst training. This includes stadium stair running, wind sprints, or roller blading.

2-3 Days/Week (depending on my schedule) NHB Training including BJJ & Thai Boxing.

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