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Thursday, April 9-2004
HELLO Battlecity community. I have no information.. and for me saying this I am very very sad see..... :( well I dunno like I say again and again...I JUST hOPe something comes up, and I am pretty sure we all do. Peace for now~HD

Thursday, March 25-2004
Hiya people...hows it going? Its HD and I hope something comes up soon :))

Saturday, March 20-2004
خ Jk WHats it sound like to you?

Thursday, March 18-2004
Well Weebo posted some nice stuff on the forums from a long time ago, this pick was from E-On ages when BattleCity was PAY TO PLAY
, this really amazed me. Well I think the BCSF team is working really well and hard together and I am very happy for them. Also the forums are HOPPIN check it OUT HERE Well Ill update later. HANG IN THERE BC FAMILY, we have waited long enuff to give up now.

Monday, March 8-2004
It feels great to have ReMoTe on the BCSF team, just another good developer for the team. I remeber his tank version of the game. Well the BCSF Homepgae has more info than I do :) -HD

Thursday, March 4-2004
A to the mother fucken K homeboy!

Monday, March 1-2004
Well the Newbie Guide is started and I think im doing a good job with it, I just hope it helps some Newbie out there. Well more people are comming back to the BC Community, a couple new people regestered at the forums. Hope to see some updates soon :). Well I might put some stuff up about Infantry, I dunno how many Inf players we got in the BC community but im one of them. Ive been adevertising the work Tr4c3r has been doing, only to respected players though, so new faces are welcome I hope. -HD

Sunday, Febuary 29-2004
Well Tr4c3r made some updates I guess :) to bad we cant download them already :(. A few updates added to the site....might make a Newbie guide for the newbies just stumbling over the Bc community. Well thats about it for now. -HD