Ugly as What?!

YO my dawgs, bienvenidos muchos to my very own website. As you can already tell, I was supposed to be born black or Mexican. Maybe Dominican. I know that many of you do not think that I am intelligent enough to make a website on my own, and you're right actually. I have to consult to this one website every other five minutes to help me with this HTML stuff. I suppose it's the blonde thing.(I'm not blonde.) Anyways, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to put on here. I'm not a very funny person, (unless you look at me), so this website's entertainment value is pretty much non-existent. (Unless of course you enjoy laughing at my stupidity...if that gives you a thrill then be my guest). I'm not creative, beautiful, or exciting. I'm basically the blind date that you hope to never end up with. I must say that Johnny Depp has to be the finest piece of male material I have ever laid eyes on. (Unless we're talking about Orlando Bloom..Woo! That's just a whole different story altogether.) Anyways, you're still here? I thought you'd have left by now. Well, if you're still reading this, I'm assuming you want to know maybe a little bit more about my mysterious self. ¿Correcto? Well, I love Jesus Christ. God loves me so much that He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, so that I won't have to suffer in hell. In fact He did that for all of us. I must say, I am eternally grateful. You may not agree with me, you may hate me and think I'm a total loser, but nothing stops me from loving my Savior. Jesus! Yeah!! So...Now that everyone gets a glimpse of just how much of a "Jesus Freak" I am..Hmm...Well, just take a look around my (currently retarded and extremely small) site. I'm so excited about my movies! Seriously, they're great. (Ok not really but humor me here.)

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