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 Earth and Beyond 1.2: Students describe obvious events (including day and night) that occur on the Earth and in the sky

Life and Living 1.1: Students discuss their thinking about needs of living things

          In this unit, students have already looked at:

o       the solar system

o       the relationships between, and order of, the planets

o       touched on features of the planets and,

o       have just investigated Earth.

         In our class, we have several indigenous students therefore we always try to include indigenous elements in our curriculum and teaching practice.

         We have also catered for both gifted and talented and lower level students with our activities (see worksheets)

         We use a constructivist approach to teaching and have specifically devised the activities for today based on what we found out about students knowledge of the moon.  Some misconceptions that arose included:

o       The moon is made of cheese

o       The moon covers the sun to cause night

o       A man lives on the moon


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