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The interests of Sterling Barker do not necessarily represent the view of any sane individuals. Iím interested in several things mostly revolving around computers. I do enjoy doctoring photos of my friends in adobe Photoshop as well as stealing and changing their msn pictures much to their aggravation. I also play plenty of computer games most of them being army or medieval types you can find my favorite games of all time in my Favorites Page. A side from that I enjoy sleeping in and on weekends were possible hanging out with my friends, or playing computer games with them in LAN multiplayer games.

My hobbies are watching television although I hate advertising, some of my favorite television shows can be seen on my Favorites Page. My other great passion is rowing for school, last year I rowed stroke for the year 10A coxed, quad skull and me and my crew were rather successful winning state champions although we did not win head of the river which was only a few weeks later.

I also play football for Pulteney in the winter were I play 1st Ruck for the XIIIst despite the fact Iím in year ten against year 12s and I canít kick or mark (which youíd think might have been important)