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Welcome To Xt4c3y Productions... I've just got different Odd's and ends.... This site is nearly 100% Complete... actually it is 100% Complete..... More less... there will be a link to the upcoming Doll site that I'm co-0wning w/ some friends aswell as the start of some more Real Audio music and other images of my own creation yet to be added.... there might also be a pic scrap page aswell... not too sure on that one.... so keep checking in to see if there's something new here or there.
There are LOTS of links to some other great sites on the Linx Page.... If you need anything that isn't on there and think I might be able to help or have something which has yet to be added, then feel free to email me anytime. Or if you have a link that you would like to be added I'd be glad to post it on there aswell.

Have Fun and Have A Nice Day! :D