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Yoyyyyy-e Silly Rabbit ,

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Yoyyyyy-e! lol
Goddd I Miss You
Okay But I Gotta Confess Somethin To Ya?
Member Dat Time..
When You Was Like
Am I Everything You Dreamed Of?
Sorry But Its Not True
No Man Alive Could Dream
Up Some One As Perfect As You
(Now That That's Settled)
Know What I Did Today?
NOTHIN! lol I Couldnt
And My Familys Thinkin Im
Happy For Some Reason But
They Have No Clue As To Why
Cuz Like A Week Ago I Wouldnt
Even Laugh And Now
Im Like Floating Again Ya Know
Well Jus Thought I'd Let You In On That ...

I Love You SOOOO Much ,
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