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How to log onto the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) for the camp and register your nickname:

1) Download mIRC ( direct link ). Run the program once it's installed.

2) Enter your fullname, email address, etc (these can usually be faked). Then, enter your nickname.

3) Click on the orange and yellow sun button next to "connect to server".

4) For the IRC Network pull-down menu, scroll until you find the "AngelEyez" Option. Click on it. For the IRC Server option, scroll until you find "AngelEyez: Random Server", and click on it.

5) Click on "connect to server".

6) You should now be logging in. Congratulations, you are now on the network! You should see a box pop uo with a bunch of channels listed. Close the box, and type in "/join #caen".

7) Welcome to the channel :)