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Wrong Dat Invite

Wrong Dat Invite Events

Wrong Dat Invitational was a creation made by Kevin Gilmore, Peter Gilmore, Craig Mitchell, and Brady Morgan (me). It was made because or Peter's inability to read a calendar. The story is simple. Peter, Kevin, and myself decided to run a 2 Mile race in Hingham. Peter told us that the race was on June 27th, 2006. The morning of June 27th, Peter im's me, explaining that the meet was actually on July 27th. Good one, Pete. Kevin and Peter, frustrated that they ran a premeet the day before, decide that they want to race anyway. I agreed, and Craig agreed to be the official. First thing this meet needed was a name. Craig suggested, through an IM to Kevin, that we name it the "Wrong Date Invitational" except, he accidentally spelled it "Wrong Dat Invitational." Kevin decided that Wrong Dat was a much more badass name, and so it stuck. So we're ready to race. My brother, Tyler Morgan, decides to help out the cause by rabbiting the race. Keith Lehmann showed up, well, just because he can, and he's the man. Peter won the race with ease, Kevin second, and myself bring up the rear (respectively, of course). After the race, Mike McDermott and Billy Taft show up. Then we began hurdle relays. The Team of Taft-McDermott-Lehmann-T. Morgan was able to defeat Mitchell-Gilmore-Gilmore-B. Morgan. And that, my friends, is the story of the Wrong Dat Twilight Invitational.

Pre Race Pics(now available for your viewing pleasure)

Two Mile Pics"(now available for your viewing pleasure)"QFE

Hurdle Pics"(now available for your viewing pleasure)"QFE^2

Two Mile Story.

Shuttle Hurdle Story

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