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Eh the new look...wellz ya i did a bit of updating...dont expect much for the next few a lazy person...if u got any pics i can put on my page send them...grad pics !

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    Mother Fukkin Lazy!

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    Louie,Hass,Caleb,Daniel: Yo wassup idiotz...lolz yall doin...wellz i been spendin most of my year hanging out with u 3 and its been fun. From CS to playin cards to football we always get a laugh and end up callin eachother names..well goodluck to u guys in hs and one thing, i own u guys in CS and football.

    Jean Yo wuddup gangsta, how u doin buddy? wellz been ur friend for the longest time and we are still great buds...ima miss ya when u go to UFA...where u be a gina...hahaha. ill write ya a longer shout when im not to lazy gotta get to other pplz.

    Tasha Hey Natasha! Wasssssssssssssssssssssssupppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp?! wellz wellz wellz...wut to say ur one crazy girl! i hope ya become a singer and show every1 ur singin talent lolz becuz i hear ya sing everyday!..well best of luck at ESA

    Eliza Hey u big bully!...haha...dun mess wit me or ill kick ur butt! hehe...wellz ur a grade 7 and all us grade 8s will be gone next year! hahaha!

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