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Fun In The Sun 07:20:54 AM Thu, Nov 16 2006 -

Welcome to Fun In The Sun (Tm)
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The only web page in Florida that brings you classical beach music as well as
articles of local news from our local TV stations and newspapers read by thousands of our viewers.
From Daytona Beach, Florida
Smiley DancingFantastic FourPiano-Man
Every day we send you an exciting page. An E-Zine page filled with exciting gambit.
Garfield Comic strip from that classic cat than everyone love and he's sure to put a smile on your face every time
here's an example:
Also See great snapshots which can be copied and sent as postcards:
Today's snapshot is:

Kiss the fish and he'll turn into a handsome prince, or was it a frog ?
Well we're located halfway between here and there.
Also from time to time we bring you a top music video
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