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This firmware is based on DDWRT v21a & has Xlink Kaid & PSP
functionalities bult-in.  It supports both Xbox & PSP.

The firmware only supports the following wireless routers.
Linksys WRT54G v1 - v3.1
Linksys WRT54GS v1 - v2
Buffalo WBR-G54 all versions


Visit this site to download iR Commander for PSP

Update History: : 1st official release : Replaced the PPPoE module with the one from Linksys :

Add support for PSP games with dynamic changing SSIDs, such as Lumines & Mahjong Fight Club. : Update the Kaid engine to and enable future kaid engine auto-update. : Redesign the "Mon PSP" mechanism to support Coded Arms and other games with changing SSIDs. : Enhance the "Mon PSP" button to work more reliably, addition of suspend, resume & "Mon Once" buttons, fixed the Kaid engine at UDP 37500, and PSP wireless security fix. : Add a new "Follow Host" button for games like GTA & Starwars Battlefront 2.  These games do not change SSID automatically on the client PSP and need special handling.  Kaid engine auto-update is disabled due to addition of customization code. :
   (Nov 23 2005)
1. Update kaid engine to ver
2. Fix kaid engine bug causing Kai UI to crash/hang.
3. Update PPPoE module to Linksys ver 4.20.6.
4. Fix PPPoE incompatibility issues with some ISPs (such as HK HGC).


Click here to download the latest firmware


Previous Versions

ddwrtpsp version 4c

ddwrtpsp version 3c

ddwrtpsp version 2d

Click here for configuration instructions

If you're using Buffalo WBR-G54 & would like to fallback to the original Buffalo firmware.
Click here to download the Buffalo firmware for downgrade.

The source code for the firmware is around 70MB and can be downloaded here.