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Jehovah's Witnesses

How do these go together?

The Jehovah Witness Religion, with members knocking on doors telling of their belief in the family unit, and their strong belief in truth, could be accused of shielding one of their own who has lied, deceived and broken up families.

This person, whose 8 letter first (certainly not Christian) name means “remembrance”, and who goes under her maiden name has done just that.

After her first divorce, resulting in two children, she moved about 10 times in six years, spreading the word that her first husband was a vicious, abusive, violent man, and was believed by all in those different communities.

He adored his children, but they were soon poisoned against him, and his access visits became a nightmare. - But at least he had some access.


December 1995 - She remarried, and just under a year later
left her second husband
as soon as she confirmed her pregnancy, hiding for several weeks while he tried to find her.

A few months after the baby was born and she was now receiving child support on two fronts, and her second husband adored his little daughter, she told her supportive church members about his violence now.

Her church members in the new area shielded and helped her “escape” this second husband and she moved interstate with her three children.

(They didn’t question her bad luck again in marriage, or whether she could possibly be the person at fault. )

There she again told of the abuse, violence and pain of escaping a marriage that was fraught with danger, as she was so frightened of him. 

Protected by the new community, she again received support from church members in a new environment once again.

He, not knowing where she was, and thinking she may be pregnant again and gone into hiding like before, spent weeks trying to find her with limited resources and her church members in his state not telling where she was.

Her second victim tried through the church to have her return, as he dearly missed seeing his child, whom he had previously seen several times a week.

Finally he found her address in Sydney, and tried pleasantly through solicitors to ask her to return.

She retaliated by telling solicitors in Sydney of his violence, and to take out Parenting Orders against him allowing him access in Sydney, 3 times a week, if he gives 10 days notice.

Since his home, employment, relatives and friends were all in his area north of Brisbane, and he did not want to relocate to an unknown area, a visit to his child would cost more than $1,000 which is ridiculous.

Solicitor’s costs, Family Law proceedings etc are all payable by him at huge expense, but she pays nothing, doing everything in her power to cause him stress and distress.

Is it out of vengeance or is the fact she has a rare Lyme Disease which can cause insanity, the reason behind her actions?

Whatever it is, she has lied, deceived and broken more than one family unit, and is supported and believed by church members.

The actions are those of a psychotic kidnapper, and the church does nothing to help the husbands see their children.

The second husband only wants to see his child, which is impossible in Sydney.
She won’t even tell him how the baby is, and keeps moving when her address is found out.

She has moved about 16 times in less than ten years, whereas both husbands have lived in the same place for many years. 

SO next time a Jehovah Witness knocks on your door to tell you the importance of stable family relationships and truth, - laugh in their faces and say that they support members of their own church who are guilty of lies, deceit, breaking family units and virtual kidnapping.

Such members should be disbarred from their church for such mean and Unchristian actions.

Church Elders should check their facts and not believe everything they are told by their members.

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