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A Timeline of Klondathera, as Archived in the Library of Niye

Pre/Unrecorded History The First Age of Ascension (begins approximately 6000 years before 0 VY)
  • Se’Athe, a Krute, ascends to godhood.
  • Se’Athe creates the first races of Dwarves and Elves.
  • The demon Nishkarru-Tai notices the energy of a new nexus of magic that is Vinifera, and takes an interest in the evolution of Vinifera.
  • The Brown elves discover magic and begin to develop its use. Krute civilization begins to die and is gradually supplanted by that of humans who have evolved from them.
  • Halflings and Gnomes evolve through magical manipulations of the Brown elves.
  • The Manni appear on Klondathera (evolved from Brown elves) and from them mutate giants and other savage humanoids.
  • Cheven, a gnome, ascends to godhood. Etrusca and Boudicca are born in what is now the Westmarch.
  • Etrusca and Boudicca rise to power over the human civilizations of Klondathera. The War of Twins begins. Elves, Dwarves, and Manni retreat to their strongholds.
  • Niye (human) and Thrain (dwarf) ascend to godhood. The War of the Twins sweeps across Klondathera. Human civilization is brought to the brink of destruction.
  • Dwarves and Elves form alliances with the Manni to preserve their own civilizations.
  • The Manni betray their allies and enslave them. Etrusca and Boudicca make an uneasy peace which lasts for only five years. Melkor (Halfling) ascends to godhood with the help of the Manni. The second War of the Twins begins. This time Boudicca’s armies are comprised of savage goblinoid tribes, giants, and other humanoids.
  • The armies of Etrusca and Boudicca meet for the last time in a battle that rages for ten days. Both armies are destroyed. The twins meet in single combat . As both lie dying from wounds inflicted by the other’s weapons, both ascend to godhood. The Manni take advantage of the destruction caused by the war and attempt to enslave all on Klondathera. Their dwarf and Brown elf slaves revolt. The Manni, stretched thin, are caught off guard and defeated. Their civilization is effectively ended, the survivors retreating into mountain caves where the race dies off without the support of Nishkarru’Tai. Brown elves and dwarves emerge as the dominant races but their numbers are too few to rule the entire land.
  • Human civilization flourishes along the coasts and waterways. Expanding inland sparks numerous conflicts with humanoid tribes. En’Ath and Mae’Estra ascend to godhood. The cities of Eretria and Chandreskahr are founded.
  • The art of magic flourishes as humans learn how to refine its use. Ralaia ascends to godhood. Construction begins on a great school of magic.
  • The winter of Five Thousand Wolves begins and lasts for 7 years. The Tarvins, a race of savage barbaric humans, invade from the north and take control of much of Klondathera.

    The Age of Valor

  • VY 0-Martina Longleaf ascends to godhood and her ascension ends the Winter of Five Thousand Wolves. Elric Wolfsbane is born in what is now Eretria. It is at this point that the modern calendar of VY and 364 day years is introduced by priests of Niye.
  • VY 1-34-The Tarvins domination of Klondathera begins to crumble due to infighting and rebellion. Elric Wolfsbane is taken prisoner during an uprising and becomes a slave. He has a vision of Etrusca who tells him he must defeat the Tarvins and drive them back to the north.
  • VY 35-Elric Wolfsbane escapes to the elven city of Findanye where he pleads for assistance from the forest folk. Queen Whivere pledges her assistance and sends a secret delegation to the mountains to solicit help from the dwarves. The dwarves pledge no help but begin construction of arms, armor, and siege weapons on a grand scale.
  • VY 36-38-Elric begins to raise his army. On a foray north into the Blackspine Mountains they are attacked by humanoid tribes of gnolls, orcs, and hobgoblins. The humanoids are defeated, but the toll taken on Elric’s army is great. They retreat into what is now the Westmarch to rebuild.
  • VY 39-In a dream Elric is shown the location of the Arms of Etrusca. He and a small troop of soldiers recover it from what is now the Dead Marsh. Elric is the only survivor of this expedition. Upon his return to the army he orders the construction of the great temple of Etrusca in Eretria.
  • VY 40-44-Construction on the great school of magic is completed. Magic users from across the land flock to it. Tarvin warlords dispatch troops to raze the enormous campus. In a short one sided battle these Tarvin warriors are slain to the last man. The battle is a demonstration of the power of magic.
  • VY 50-Phrynn Longscale, head of the school of magic decides the school must be protected from future attacks in a different way. A cabal of the most powerful wizards begin a ritual magic that lasts for five moons. When the ritual is complete the school disappears from Klondathera. To gain entrance one must possess innate magical talents and be invited by the cabal of wizards that run the school.
  • VY 58-60-Elric Wolfsbane begins waging war on Tarvin outposts along the coasts. Eretria becomes the official base of operations for his army. In a two year campaign he reclaims Cambria, XXXX, and XXXX.
  • VY 60-67-Construction completed on the temple of Etrusca in Eretria. Construction begins on the great Library of Niye, and the temple of Ralaia. The Tarvins are defeated in the battle of Crimson Water. Elric Wolfsbane is crowned King of Eretria.
  • VY 68-71-The remaining Tarvin warlords continue fighting for three bloody years, mainly in actions of small raids and guerilla ambushes. King Sarsgaard finally concedes defeat and signs the treaty of Centuries which defines the borders of Eretria and Tarvinia. The treaty also promises a truce to last for 500 years. It also lays the foundation for trade and commerce between the two kingdoms. The primary authors and signers of the treaty are King Wolfsbane, King Sarsgaard, Queen Whivere, and Phrynn Longscale.
  • VY 72-Phrynn Longscale establishes the magocracy of Lantros. Temple of Ralaia completed in Eretria.
  • VY 79-80-In a period known as the year of Flames, a flight of red dragons attack Eretria, Tarvinia, and XXXX. The dragons lay waste to many towns and villages, and huge tracts of farmable land. Elric Wolfsbane, 80 years old but still hale and hearty, takes a small band of trusted companions into the mountains to seek out and destroy the wyrm who has spawned the brood of dragons. Neither Elric nor any member of his party are ever seen again. The flight of dragons withdraws and disappears to the west. One legend contends that Elric met and defeated the wyrm responsible for the flight in an undiscovered cavern, being mortally wounded during the fight. Others believe the disappearance of the flight coincides with the destruction of the Great Old One, an ancient wyrm who died in what is now the Savage Coast. In the Library of Niye there is an ancient scroll that says the Great Old One was the first dragon, and it is now a deity to their kind. There is no supporting documentation to this scroll.
  • VY 81-124-Eretria falls into a period of conflict over who will be the next monarch. Elric’s children have died in war and of natural causes, and the remaining extended family cannot agree over who has the most legitimate claim.
  • VY 125-Linessa Heartwood, a great granddaughter of Elric Wolfsbane, succeeds to the throne through political manipulations. She changes her name to Linessa Wolfsbane.
  • VY 126-141-Linessa Wolfsbane, first queen of Eretria, reigns for 16 years before her death from natural causes. Leaving no heirs, she appoints her brother Alain to the Regency on her deathbed.
  • VY 142-147-Alain Wolfsbane serves as regent until an heir to the throne can be found. That heir comes forward in VY 147, in the form of Alexei Peldrin, a 12 year old descendant of Elric Wolfsbane’s eldest daughter. The monarchy’s family name is hereafter changed to Peldrin.
  • VY 151-Alexei Peldrin is crowned King of Eretria. He establishes the Council of six from amongst his advisors, with five advisors sitting in council with the king at its head.
  • VY 153-Having reigned for only two years, Alexei mysteriously dies at the age of 18 in a hunting accident.
  • VY 154-Henryk Peldrin, a second cousin of Alexei is crowned King. He divides Eretria into six Baronies and makes each member of the Council of Six a Baron. The city of Eretria itself is reserved for the King or Crown Prince to govern. At this time, Chandreskahr is not officially a part of the kingdom. That area has been taken back by humanoid tribes, most of the towns having been destroyed in the year of Flames. The elves of Findanye control the eastern portion of the territory.
  • 1198-Present Day