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My sister and me in Arizona My name is Heather Kennedy. I have a twin sister named Amy, she is so cool, I love her to death and I have no idea what I would do with out her, she's the best thing in my life. Besides that there's not really much to say about me, I was born in Arizona but I moved here when I was 7. I love to go camping and be in the mountains, but I haven't gone camping since I moved to Texas. I don't like Texas very much, the only good things that really keep me here are all the awesome friends that I have, and all the amazing people that I have met since I moved here. I wouldn't be able to leave them and start over again at a new school. I hate Red Oak High School and probably about 99% of the kids that go here. I've had to put up with them since 3rd grade and I am ready to get out of High School and get away from all the stupid idiots that live here in Red Oak. When I get out of High School I plan on moving to either Arizona or Idaho to go to college and work with wild/exotic animals.

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