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My Family

Ryan, Amy,my mom, my dad and me Matt, Ryan, Amy and me, on Halloween
I have my parents, my two brothers, and my sister, in my family. There's my dad who is such an awesome dad! My sister, my dad, and I all share the same birthday, which I think is so cool. He’s been such a wonderful father to me, through all the years, even after he got sick. He lives in Boise, Idaho right now with his sister, who is taking care of him. Its hard not being able to see him, but I get to talk to him on the phone. Then there's my mom, she's over protective and way to strict. I guess its just because she loves us though. I don't know how she takes care of four teenagers, and still lives her life. She’s a great mother, and I'm thankful for her, and I'm glad that she cares so much about her children. There's my brother Matt, I don't see him that often, he's 19 and doesn’t' come by that much. And when he does he's surrounded by all his friends. We use to not get along, but we've grown up, and I love him and I'm glad he's my brother. My other brother Ryan is 18,and lives with us. He is such an awesome person and brother. He's a good person to talk to if your having problems. I don't think I'd be the same if he weren’t my brother. My sister Amy is one of the most important persons in my life. I wouldn't know what to do without her. I can talk to her about anything, and I think it’s so cool that I wouldn't be complete without her. I love my sister to death. She is such an amazing person, friend, and sister. Ok, then there's me. There’s not much interesting about me. I don't like people. They are annoying and stupid. I'm glad I have a great family, and that there always there. And I'm glad that I have such an awesome boyfriend, who’s not like all the PIGS (guys) out there. He's so fun to be with and to hang out and talk to. And I don't like sharing things with people or people knowing much about me.
This is my brother Matt  This is my sister and my brother Ryan Amanda(my brother ryan's girlfriend) This is my boyfriend Justin This is my sister Amy again  My Mom