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My Animals

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Bully, Tiger, Squirty, Muffin
We have so many animals at my house. We've had a total of 7 cats before but now we only have six cats and two dogs. They all have some weird names also. For the cats we have: Squirty (aka Chicken Weed), Tiger, Muffin, Muffin Man, Bully (aka Ecstasy), and Yogi. Are dogs names are Nyx, which we've had for about 11 years and Lola, which we've had for about a month. I had a goat named Alexander but I only had him for about 9 months and I then sold him. I actually think that my mom likes the cats more than she likes her own kids. She talks to them and it seems like she actually expects them to talk back to her. I think the reason I like animals so much is because animals are nothing like people. They can't talk and they aren't annoying unless I'm trying to sleep. When I get older I want to work at a zoo with exotic animals, I think it would be so interesting and fun to work with animals like that.

Alexander Molly Nyx
Yogi Lola