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The Sickness

Guild Information

|The Story of "The Sickness"|

There once was a great warrior known as Darius the Defiled. He was one of Daraman's finest soldiers. Darius was a well rounded. Archery, axe wielding, swordsmanship, clubbing, name it, he could do it. He was what you could call, a jack of all trades.

One day, Daraman sent him to Ankrahmun to deliver a parcel to Pharoah Arkhothep. After having delivered the parcel, Darius decided to explore a little. He found his way down into the tombs and catacombs that run all throughout the underground areas on Ankrahmun and it's surroundings. He fought his way through the hordes of undead until at last he found a burial chamber of one of the ancient Pharoah's of Ankrahmun. He looked around the room for any valuables but found nothing of much value except a sarcophagus with many precious jewels embedded in it's frame. The sparkle of the jewels caught his eye, he had to see what was inside. So he approached the sarcophagus and forced it open, and as he did..a mysterious gas flowed out and into the air. Darius then noticed some inscriptions on the inside of the sarcophagus, they read: "He who disturbs this tomb will find himself without death, except for when new life is created." Could this be a curse..or a blessing? Darius was immortal..nothing could kill him, but one thing.

Darius went on for decades, not aging one bit. But he never fell in love, never got involved with women. One day he saw a beautiful woman in Darashia. He decided it was time for him to stop worrying about the curse, and start living his life. He started spending time with this woman, began dating her, and eventually he married her. Soon, she became pregnant. He was so worried throughout those 9 months..was the curse real? Would he really die? Soon enough he'd know.

Nine months later, his wife had two sons..and as soon as they were born, Darius' heart stopped and he fell to the ground dead. The blessing of immortality had become the curse of death at the sight of his offspring. His two sons lived on to be named Dre Blaze and Jerokyn. They too had the curse, which eventually became known as "The Sickness".

Since "The Sickness" was passed on to Dre Blaze and Jerokyn, they aged slightly slower than other children their age but they eventually became full grown and that's how they stayed. Their aging ceased. Throughout the time it took them to become fully grown, they endured many hardships and trials. Dre Blaze was always falling prey to enemies and monsters, but somehow he always managed to overcome the bad times and become stronger than he was before. Jerokyn on the other hand, stayed more secluded. He never had many friends. Never had many enemies. Just kept to himself and lived a lonely life. But they both grew up to become powerful warriors. Dre Blaze inherited the magical power of his father, and Jerokyn inherited his father's axe wielding skills.

Soon enough, other people became cursed by "The Sickness". No one is sure how it spreads, but it just seems to choose certain people and it infects them. They gain powers they've never had before aswell as immortality, but it could all end when new life is born. As the curse spreaded, it seemed more like a disease or infection rather than a curse. And that is how it became know as "The Sickness"...

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