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    JOSE ALONZO RIZAL, the national hero and considered as the pride of the Malay race, was the 7th child
of Francisco Rizal and Teodora Alonzo. He was born on June 19, 1861 at Calamba, Laguna. As an Ilustrado
during the Spanish Regime, he travelled almost every part of the world. As such, he mastered 22 languages.
Being a genius, he was an educator, journalist, historian, artist, sociologist, medical doctor, scientist,
ethnologist, sculptor, psychologist, and propagandist.

    Rizal was indeed a pride of our race! In 1877, at the age of 16, he finished his Bachelor of Arts degree
(equivalent to high school today) at the Ateneo Municipal de Manila. On the same year, he enrolled
simultaneously in Philosophy at University of Santo Tomas and surveying course at the Ateneo. He finished
his surveying course on March 21, 1877 and passed the Surveyor’s Examination on May 21, 1878 but was
not granted the license to practice due to his young age of 17. Then he enrolled medicine at UST but stopped
due to allege discrimination of the Dominican teachers. On June 19, 1885, at the age of 23, he was
conferred the degree of Licentiate in Medicine at the Universidad Central de Madrid.

    ILOCOS SUR NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL (ISNHS) situated in the heart of Vigan City, is the biggest public
secondary school (population and area) in the Province of Ilocos Sur. It cuddles around 7,000 students, most
of them are from the first district of Ilocos Sur.

    ISNHS has produced prominent national and local leaders – the most notable of them is the former Arm
Forces of the Philippines Chief Gen. Narciso Abaya. Back by its resilient faculty and dynamic administrative
staff, the school still grows strong to provide the nation productive citizens and dynamic leaders.

    Jose Rizal is the top section of the fourth year class. It is the section where the best students of the more
than 20 sections of the fourth year curriculum belong. It is also the section of the honor students. The name
of the section (IV-Rizal) speaks the quality of its students – students imbued with a sense of nationality and
self-worth. With the hero’s own words: “the youth is the hope of the motherland,” indeed, the students of IV-
Rizal proved him to be ultimately right. ISNHS, with its prime section IV-Rizal, continuously shines in Ilocos
Sur and with its alumni that bring the school to the next high level of social respect. The graduates of ISNHS,
particularly the graduates of IV-Rizal, soar high, competing with the graduates of its private high schools

    In the year 1992, a group of 53 students dominated ISNHS. These 53 students belong to the top section of
IV-Rizal. Lead by its class president, Levi Lawrence Asuncion, IV-Rizal made a name in the academic
community of Ilocos Sur. The group is now commonly known as 4rizal93.

    Several 4rizal93 alumni have proven their being once a IV-Rizal of ISNHS. To enumerate some, they are:

    Levi, the class president and CAT Corps Commander, is a certified UP Alumnus and now a staff of the
Congress of the Philippines. Levi was the class salutatorian.

    Catherine Ragasa, a UP-produced economist, was the Student Body President of the whole ISNHS. Cath
was the class valedictorian and now about to finish her graduate studies at a US University.

    Mary Jane Quintal, the class 2nd honourable mention, is now a US nurse.

    Crisologo Rigunay, the quiet type and the class 3rd honourable mention, is now a Certified Public

    Concepcion Valdez, the class 4th honourable mention, is currently working as a nurse in the United

    Michael Berber, the class official comedian, the versatile playwright, is a licensed architect. Mike was the
class 5th honourable mention.

    Joel Favo, the demure looking guy(?), the class 6th honourable mention, is a nurse at the United Kingdom.

    Dolores Dolorito, the class 7th honourable mention, the singer who used to sing like Regine Velasquez,
whose favourite song was “Chiquitita” by ABBA, is a physical therapist at Ireland.

    Many others, who did not make it to the honor roll, are making their names. Sherwin Bravo is an engineer
of the Department of Public Works and Highways and Jovi Ponce, a US nurse. Of course, Czar Castillo, the
“most-informed” among the class, who used to win all current events quizzes, is now an systems
analyst/dba  who graduated from AMA with the degree BS in Information Science.

    Members of 4rizal93 will continue to perform their share in keeping the flame of pride burning for Ilocos
Sur National High School. The group shall exert all its effort to keep the group’s name echoing in the four
corners of ISNHS. Time will pass but the memories of the group of 53 mutually dynamic students of IV-Rizal
batch 1993 shall forever linger. These 53 students though geographically separated from each other will
forever vacate some space in their hearts for anytime a member comes along, the memories of year 1992-
1993 shall again be reminisced. These 53 former ISNHS students are equally different but a common
denominator holds them and keeps them from forgetting – that is, being once IV-Rizal!

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