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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! Hi This is Philip. I am still fairly new to creating homepages so if you see anything that needs inprovement please let me know. The reason Why I created this is so everyone Can get to know me better. Well lets see. I'm a 35 year old married male living in Portland,OR. I got married on October 20th, 0f 2000 in the City of Afton, Wyoming. I met this girl online back in 1998 I believe. We talked for awhile online and then I thought well I would give her my number so I did. We talked by phone for almost a month every day in some cases. I then told my mom that I wanted to meet this girl so I tried to tell her that I wanted to go there and visit but I didn't have those kinds of funds so I paid to have her flown here for 5 days which were the best days of our lives. It was a sad day though when she left but it was a year later that we got married. We then came back here to live out our lifes as Husband and wife. She found her job 2 weeks after being here, At that time though I was working for a company only know here in the pacific northwest called Burgerville. 2 years after she had her job she got me a job at Jack in the box where she is working at. Now We both work for the same company. The only differences is she only works at one and I work at 4 different jack in the boxes.