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Not-For-Profit, Experimental Game Development and Web Design

metalpsychosis {@} OR OUR MEMO SYSTEM BELOW Well We have started up again and we need members. If your interested in learning how to make games and also working with those who know how to do it (sorta) then just drop in on the forums register and post something and we will talk with you.

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Home of Lord Retardachu
Overlord or the Zoan army, HIEL RETARDACHU!!!

We believe that politically correct games are a disgrace to the art world.
The Metal Psychosis team believes in creativity and that everyone should have
the opportunity to express it. The freedom of speech though is the right to express
one opinions and beliefs in a responsible manor. The freedom of speech is not to defame, slander or otherwise try to destroy fellow man’s creations. While we like to poke fun at others creations, that does not make our extremely politically incorrect statements true. They are for humor value and not for slander. Like Lord Retardachu for example, he is strictly for poking fun at the cutesiness of the Nintendo Character: Pikachu. Pikachu is a legally protective original work of Game Freak and Nintendo, hence even though Retardachu pokes fun at Pikachu does not make it right to defame the originally creation.
Retardachu is an original creation as well but we are not attempting to tamper with Nintendo’s profits nor anyone else we make a parody of.

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