~Council Chat~

duh123- Welcome to the guild! It is now open to all people who want to join. I have transferred everything I really need to from the other guild. Enjoy the guild!
fornogoodreason- I believe 2 council spots are open. If you apply, we might just pick you! *wink wink*
thenoblewolf- Hello and welcome to $Neo.World$! Please take the time to check the webbie for all details on our guild! It is constantly changing and improving, so join today!
mraboarablecutiepie-Please call me Cassie. I'm sure you'll love this guild.
>Kialian- *Hey! This is so awEsome! The guild itself is the most coolio guild ever! If you haven't joined yet, your missing out on A LOT! For me, its the best part of Neopets.. :P





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~News And Other!~

Guild Till: 250,000

Hello and Welcome to $Neo.World$! Me and my co-owner haven't been on for a few days because of a trip we had to go on so I am currently updating the guild.

VI- no one yet
VII- no one yet
VIII- x_cute_girl_x
IX- birdlover89
X- cliz1018

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Winner: TBA

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Winner: cliz1018
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