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My Home Page

So you've found my web page. Good job.

Now I guess you want to hear about me. You must since you clicked on the link to get here.

My name is Kelsey Colyar. I am 18 years old, almost 19. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Right now, I am currently in Wamsutter, Wyoming. I have lived in Wyoming since I was three. So no, I'm not a redneck.

My hobbies are snowboarding, writing, drawing, listening to music, meeting and making new friends...etc. I am currently getting my GED and studying the Russian language. Once I have my GED I plan on going to school at the University of Wyoming. There, I will study International Relations and hopefully transfer to Russia at some point.

I am not completely finished with my page, so bare with me.

If you have any questions or comments, send them to the email below.

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