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Kanna Takemura - - - - Assassin born and bred.

She is normally seen wearing a black leather corset that laces up the front with red ribbon, a pair of plack leather pants that lace up the sides with red ribbon as well, and a pair of black leather heeled ankle boots. Strapped to her her back is a katana. Though usually wrapped in a red cloth, it is sheathed in a black and red marbled sheathe; the hilt is black with eleven small silver roses in a row. Her hair is most commonly seen tied up in a ponytail, only her bangs in her face and a few pieces hanging along the sides of her face. Who is she? Kanna Takemura . . . an assassin through and through.

In a small village named Shinwa in Japan, this young woman was raised to be a killer. It it customary for the girls to be trained, from birth, to become assassins. It is their way of life. And every young girl is born with a gift, though when they are older they can master other less complicated abilities (telepathy is an example). But Kanna was unique: she was born with two. They are telekinesis and the ability to form invisible shields around her. The elders of the village (who are all women) knew she was going to be special before she was even born. Her mother was exactly the same. Meari, her mother, was the best that was ever trained their village; they knew that Kanna was going to be an excellent fighter.

Kanna completed her training at the age of twelve, which was very remarkable. Most girls finish at fifteen; the only other to do so was Meari. What motivated her to complete so quickly? Her mother's death when she was ten. She was killed in action when on an assignment. She was saddened but it made her stronger. Kanna inherited her mother's sword and vowed to find her mother's killer as well as become as strong as she could be.

Now this is where her life changed forever. Kanna's father, Toshi, found her a suitor when she was still twelve; he was fifteen at the time, a young man that lived a couple of houses down from her. When she reached the age of fifteen, she was able to go on outtings alone with him. But things didn't go well. Believing that it was a simple walk, she brought no form of weapons on her. When they were a ways from the village, her tackled her to the ground and forced himself upon her. She fought him off and ran home, scared to death and shameful. When the elders found out, they were furious. The penalty for such a crime is death in Shinwa. When that day came, Kanna was afraid to face him. But then the more she thought about it, the angrier she became. So she made a request: she wanted to kill him herself. So that night, she went to his cell. Kanna knelt before him, a small smirk on her face as she slowly seduced him; she made him believe that she forgave him for hurting her and had actually wanted more before he was put to death. As soon as he kissed her, she pulled a tanto from the obi of her kimono and slit his throat. As he was dying, she stood up slowly, still smirking, and told him that she hopes he has fun in hell. Then she took the tanto and stabbed him in the heart. She chuckled and left the cell. That was her first kill and she was mighty proud of herself. The elders were as well. In fact, that next day, the elders set her up with her first job to get her started. And thus she became Kanna, the Rose of Death.

Years passed, and she had become famous amongst certain circles. She would use her looks and her charms to lure her marks into her trap before completing her duty. Whenever she took on a hit, she completed it quickly, quietly, and a clean as possible. She never left a trace of evidence that might link back to her.

At first meeting her, Kanna is sweet and quiet. She'll be softspoken and use her manners to their fullest extent. But once she's intrigued, her other demeanor comes out. Her cocky attitude and know-it-all persona seems to take over. She truly is a sweet girl, but once she's in "work" mode, she's a whole other person. But she does have one flaw: at the slightest provocation, she'll be ready to take that person on. She's learned to control her anger over the years, but it's still there.

Now the twenty-three year old has wandered into a place called Dasani Port. She went there, thinking she could find work and made a pit-stop in the local tavern. It was quite empty except for the bartender, a man, and his slave. The slaver and the bartender got into a very heated argument, and was about to get in a fight until she interrupted. The bartender quickly "dismissed" the man from the bar and went to see what she had wanted. The tender, who's name she found out to be Cort, was definitely not an ordinary tender. So, being the blunt woman she was, called him on it. Kanna chuckled as he eyed her, his hand on his sword the entire time. She then let her guard down and talked to him without the cockiness. After having a brief, but interesting conversation, they both took their leave. She was curious and continued to visit the tavern to go see the bartender named Cort.

Then after a while of flirting and courting, they finally started to talk about the possibility of living together. But after he had bought them a place of their own, she had to return home for a little while. They wrote each other constantly, picking on each other and anticipating her return.

Then Kanna's friend and fellow assassin, Suteki, had "kidnapped" Cort from work and brought him to their village. Of course he was clueless until he saw Kanna in the room she was occupying. Needless to say, they were occupied with one another for quite a while. Cort then went over to his pants and pulled something out of them and knelt in front of her. That's when he had asked her to marry him. And of course she accepted, quite enthusiasticly.

But seeing as Cort wasn't Japanese and Kanna was no where near the age to retire, they had a couple of problems with the village elders. So she wasn't able to get the traditional Shinto wedding she wanted. Instead, they had a simple ceremony at the Port with close friends.

Now they're living happily in their home at the Port, with a baby on the way. They've had a few "old friends" to deal with along the way, but nothing too serious. And they are both just hoping that nothing else comes along to harm them or their child.

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