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lone wolf

hey guys my name is frank and im 16 this site is devoted to some crazy stuff me and a lot of my friends do for fun.some of this is stuff is not intended like one time my friends were driving down a dirt rode when they swirved to hit a mud hole and the thing was so damned deep they almost endode the car.the front wheel was bent and now will forever wobble.most of us ride motocross and bmx and me and a select few are gymnist.some of our little crew are faggish skateboarders but they are cool so we gotta forgive them for that and besides we all have our down falls just theirs is alot worse than most. all of the crew is from the central georgia region.i wanted to shed some light on what dudes in this region are doin so here it is. this is my first site so i know it sucks right now but give me some time and itll be pimp i have no life so it should get good soon. "pain is temporary Glory is forever" "live for something or die for nothing"

the crew

crazy ass sites

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